Friday, June 10, 2011

New Direction

I think ever since I started this whole weight loss/diet thing, my blog has taken sort of a 270 degree change. Definitely not 360 change, I'm NOT going back where it started. :)

I think I've finally found a new direction, thanks to the fitblrs (fit tumblrs geddit?) that I stalk, they inspire me so much that, really, I don't really care about my weight these days, because stepping on that digital scale just pains me everytime, plateaus, gained weight. Plus, what you're losing after a crazy workout might just be water weight from sweating too much, and you might gain back after downing water!!! SEEEEEE it all make sense now ha!!

I'm ditching the word "DIET". This "D" word, stresses every girl in the world. It brings people down, it scares people, demotivates many girls in the world. Weight loss as well, how much weight can you lose in order to be "accepted"? If dieting and losing all the weight can make you popular, or pretty or whatever that you're wishing to achieve, I wish you the best, because till the day you DIE, when you're just bones, your bones will still weigh a few kgs (mine is 3kg haha).

Back to my point, now, whole new direction. No longer DIETING, but I'm working towards FIT. Be it eating oats porridge, or being laughed for eating all these rabbit food (also cause I secretly love it). My friends were making fun of me cause I was eating oats porridge (but it's damn yummy, for me at least) for dinner. -_- I eat normally now, I eat more meals, probably in smaller portions but, I don't know where this will take me, but so far I'm loving what I'm doing.

I don't care if people think I'm a crazy woman running in the gym and stopping half way panting like a dog, whatever floats my boat (and if you see me in the gym, feel free to say HI, I'm no monster :D). Screw thinking I have thunder thighs, they are packed with muscles (still a bit flabby la when you hit it wtf) but I can tell that over the months, the amount of cellulite has tremendously reduced and I can feel my hamstrings and there is some definition of muscles on the legs :D.

I want back muscles, triceps, biceps, ab muscles, muscles over fats anytime!! :D


damn Emma Watson is DAMN HOT okay. T_T

And I was just complaining on twitter today WHY Malaysia stocked super ugly coloured running shorts at Nike, and LOOK AT THE COLLECTION IN CANADA T_T So many pretty colours! I contemplated buying the largest size from kid's section cause it's cheaper and cause I like the bright blue colour hahahahaha but a bit shy to ask the SA "I can fit ar" lol.

I want the blue one! :D I just got my pink ones today. I know ten thousand other girls having the same shorts but they're so comfy to run in! :D Yah and the fact that being in the same class, there's 3 other girls wearing the same top as you is just -_-. I think I secretly like the lime green shorts how ar?



Rachel said...

It's okay I have lime green sports bra hahahaha.

naddy said...

hi im just another blog reader,
been trying to lose weight too & wondering if u mind sharing these fitblrs u mentioned.
thanks! <3

belle said...

i love your blog :) when I'm reading it i feel like,reallll story.

Anonymous said...

i feel inspired reading ur blog! pls do keep the posts rolling in everyday ! <3

mustardqueen said...

rachel: hahahaha but then you wear something OVER the lime green sports bra leh! Bottoms is like, SO LOUD! lol

naddy: you're not JUST another blog reader!! Those who are reading are all special, to me at least =P anyway here are a few that I follow and love! :)

belle: of course it's real story it's written by a real person yo! hahah THANK YOU! :)

anon: Thank you!!! Don't feel inspired because who knows one day YOU will be the inspiration to others as well. :)