Saturday, June 11, 2011

I sell U buy

It has been a CRAZY week last week, was settling accident business with the uncle, then there were 2 pre-love parties!!!! The weather has been crazy hot and humid all I want to do is just hide in my air conditioned room, under my blanket! *sniffs*

Super little pictures during Stellar sale and we have no pictures during the OBB sale cause didn't have a camera! (that's what you get from rushing from police station to packing things to whatever obstacles that came up so suddenly! -_-)

a. pretty lanterns hanging right above our "stall" hahaha
b. With Mas Angelina who so nicely invited Wen and me to the sales!! :) And she's so petite in real life *jealous* (love her bib necklace too T_T)
c. With Shea, Wen and Yanny. :) The super sweet girls next to our stall. :) *waves*
d. With Ami! For which my lipstick matched her outfit to a T hahahahaa. She was recently discharged from the hospital, and looking fine as ever. :) Positivity above everything else :D
e. I'm Zooey Deschanel wtf. I'm a Su-su-su...Su-su-su...Su-su-su-su-su-su-sugartown wtf

Lesson learnt: Never buy cheapo rings. The super cheap brass ones I got from bangkok stained my fingers as if I'm from Avatar (what's the name of the creatures ar, sorry I haven't watch yet wtf). And I got this slightly more expensive one (like Rm5 more) but it didn't oxidize at all. Like new still! MEH!!!


Joshua said...

Y U SO SKINNEH!!! jealous!!! If I spent as much effort at the gym and considering what I eat as you do I will have the male equivalent; Thor's body wtf.

Shu yi said...

You look so pretty omg can you please do a post about how you do your make up/ products pweasseeee ! *BIG WET EYES hehehe :p

and yes i so agree with you. don't ever buy cheap rings i always get Avatar stains too -_-


mustardqueen said...

josh: HAHAHAAHAHA THOR WTF hahahaHAHAHAHAHAH not skinny. I still weigh like fucking a lot but whatever la weight doesn't define who I am! :D:D:D:D:D Just stop eating too much timtams la, share some please thanks

shuyi: I'm thinking of doing a tutorial soon, cause I changed my makeup a little? :) Will share soon :):):) And yeah, I always get Avatar stains, even my YSL ring ok -_- humid weather ruins everything T_T

Aemy Shamy said...

Nice shots! Hell yeah, Mas Angelina's necklace is so beautiful. I love it.
You look gorgeous too, dear. :)
By the way, I've just followed your blog. I love all your posts and I hope you can visit and follow me back. Cheers! ^^

mustardqueen said...

aemy: yeah her necklace was like super major huge but looks damn nice la!! haha Sorry dear I don't do follow for follow. :)

Dawn said...

I can see all your effort paid off well:)) You've toned down a lot. Look at the legs!! Ahhhhh congrats and keep it up whatever you're doing <3

mustardqueen said...

dawn: haha i think that pic look thinner cos of the angles? but yea, definitely slightly toner ;) I will not stop till I reach my goal!!! =D

Anonymous said...

All your hard work is slowly paying off:)You're lookin' good!

mustardqueen said...

anon: Thank you!! Slowly but surely =D thank u thank u thank u!