Wednesday, June 08, 2011

"Nutrition" log

I always start my post with a so.


I think my stomach has worms T_____T I have been eating a lot lately, maybe just the amount of times I eat scares me more than the actual amount of food I had. So it's the usual, oats, egg whites, and some other snacks. I'm writing down here to remind myself how much food I am actually taking in *gulps*

Today, 08/06/2011

Half bowl of wantan mee with few pieces of charsiew and dumpling (nom the charsiew is like *melt*

2 chocolate chip crumble muffin (HAH! you see I end up finishing what I made wtf)

late lunch:
a slice of the super big dumpling (ba zhang). so good. I only get this once a year okay but the amount of oil in it is just super scary =/

yogurt with honey, cinnamon and special k cereal (bout half cup of cereal)

oats porridge (4tbs of oats) with honey and cinnamon (getting very repetitive eh my flavours -_-)
2 egg whites + 1 yolk (it has been too long, the yolk was 3/4 cook omg)
tuna caesar salad (romaine lettuce + tuna chunks in water + fat free caesar dressing)

You know what I hope most is that the oats I take in, can actually absorb fats wtf. Walau I say until like oats are like sponge ok hahahahahahaha Ok I'm on a high.

Tomorrow is FULL BLAST GYM DAY. Think I'll be spending what, (hopefully) 3 hours there. Can I hear a HELL YEA? That's a 1 week quota for normal people heee. And I think it's about time I switch around the routines, prolly go to another class on another day, and work on abs, arms yada yada, just mixing them around, my body might be getting use to all the same routines!!! And yes, I'm on a plateau again. The same plateau I was on 1 month ago which I lost and gained back during Bangkok -.-

I dunno why but this picture turns me on. I need MORE of these mannnnnn.

What are your thoughts on what I'm eating? Ya think it's healthy? (minus the muffins cough and dumplings cough). To my nutritionist-to-be reader, verdict? hahaha


rei said...

i'm no nutritionist but your meal plan sure sound healthy (minus the ba zhang of course! ^^)

but 3 hours at one shot? don't overdo it at one go, it's more harmful than beneficial ~!

Anonymous said...

i am a final year dietitics student. your diet seems fine :). small, frequent meals. lotsa fibre and low in fat. good to know you are not starving yourself. way to go!

mustardqueen said...

rei: BAZHANG COS ONCE A YEAR!!!! But it's finished now so no more bazhang unless my mom decided it's a good move to buy another one from the restaurant -_-

neway, my 3 hours is not fully 3 hours, I take breaks in btw and cause I'm attending 2 classes. :) Then the 1st hour (which is not really fully hour usually only 30 minutes) I'll warm up and do some weights. Not too bad no? :) THANKS FOR THE TIP AR!!! I'll do it at my own pace don't worry =D

anon: yeay, approved!! :) Yeah hopefully I'll be able to add in more protein. And no, I hate starving myself that;s why I eat more meals but in lesser amounts since I'm constantly feeling hungry -_- Thank you!!