Wednesday, June 01, 2011


A lot of you have been asking me to post about my progress, so here goes. Well, I shall not go back to where it all started which is my dark age (no pun intended) aka high school. Let's not go there I beg of you. *tear*

So it started when I finished exams and I thought like hey maybe I should eat less and I start looking at thinspo blogs on tumblr. Bad decision I'd say. I munch on 100cal muesli bar (not knowing the amount of sugar they put in! Chocolate chip flavour anyone? How skinny can that be? but then again friend told me I lost a bit of weight then). You see 100 calories of protein as compared to 100 calories worth of sugar and carbs is just not worthy. You see the difference now?

Been eating so many egg whites lately I think I might go crazy, but who's complaining when it's working haha. And I've started on HIIT, and not sure whether it's working but my legs hurt like hell, and it's still in its recovery stage hurhurhurhur see what I mean when I need more protein to repair those muscles??

I gained a little of weight from, I don't know when and it went up to 69 at one point (prolly early this week or end last week cause I was training for the masterchef thing and was really busy and can't be bothered with gym and I was testing recipes and was binging on flour like a carb monster). But this morning yeay me I went down to about 66 and all is good :) Shall try to maintain it for the Bangkok trip. FTS I gained 2 kgs hahahaha. (this post was written pre-bangkok trip lol)

November 17th. Mock Graduation. I was probably around... 75/76 kgs. HEH. (I prolly look even bigger cause god knows how much liquifying goes into this picture!)

End February, early March. I started to eat healthier. But I told myself hey I'm leaving Melbourne soon, I should indulge a little. I was around 72kgs. (no ps fml)

Wen's birthday. 23rd April. This is the unedited picture of my "outfit". I was around, 69 I think.

Early May. Prolly around 67-68. (no editing as well, stole this off friend's fb)

One of the most recent pictures of me... May 14th at Batu Caves. Prolly look a lot "thinner" cause of the angle HAHA!! not complaining =p

And now onto some shots of my after!!! One thing I hate about losing weight is that your clothes won't fit well anymore and the worst thing is your favourite clothes don't fit!!!! =(((( Dear tailor please make them fit? But another thing I love is that, I can now fit into other clothes, and I love how clothes seem to hang nicer? :P:P:P *vain pot*

My favourite black silk shorts from Forever New!! I remember when I first got it in a size AU12, it fits nicely on the waist and it hugs my ass nicely. Now... =/

And these wool shorts I got from Asos, they're a UK14, and they were comfortably sitting on me and now I can take it off without unbuttoning it =(


I know my thighs are huge but not gonna complain when they are rock hard hehehehehehehe

And yalah took this pictures early in the morning after THESE yummy yummies! :)

Look like purse eggs??? They are actually a concoction of egg whites and rolled oats with lotsa cinnamon powder (I love my cinnamon nomnom) and a drop of honey. It taste like... I dunno, kinda like a pancake, but loaded with good carbs and protein! :)

But fml gained weight during my Bangkok trip. I blame it on the hormones I always binge like CRAZY when I'm pms-ing. MEH. But I shall not giveup halfway, because looking at how far I've gotten, the only thing I can do now is to go further. :)


rei said...

you! are! such! an! inspiration!

Anonymous said...

so happy for you !

ButterflyAngel said...

yer! so skinny! FML, i have to lose weight too. me jealous!!! but congrats baby!!

Anonymous said...

that is just amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

Faridah Zulkiflie said...

Woohoo! *peluks*

Rachel said...

0.0 those shorts are madness. Good job! btw. IS THAT A STRAND ON WHITE HAIR ON MY HEAD.

mustardqueen said...

rei: thank you!! I'm glad I'm an inspiration to others, but I'm still struggling with these weight/fat loss thing. so frustrating!!!! =(

anon: Thank you!! I'll be even HAPPIER if the fat index goes down even more lollll

jean: thank you and no you don't need to lose anymore weight -_- you look fine now lor last time was too skinny i don't like! haha

baby: thank you *peluksss*

rach: yeah, hate it though cause I really love those shorts. and my other shorts all also liddat sien -_- erm I dunno? Is there a strand of white hair?

Anonymous said...

Amazing! As a fan of your blog, I feel damn proud of you! How tall are you may I ask? 加油啊! :)

mustardqueen said...

anon: thank you!! :))) But there's a long way more to go till I'm actually satisfied.. MY TUMMY urgh hahahah neway I'm 172cm. :)

Ames said...

you looked great nao!
and most importantly healthy =D

Wendy said...

Hi Ting, I'm a student dietitian in my last honours year at uni.
I think it's great that you're trying to stay in shape through healthy eating and exercise. It looks like you've made a lot of progress and become an inspiration to many!
Just wanted to make sure you know that for someone your height your healthy weight range is 55-68kg. A healthy weight loss is 0.5-1kg/week and this may plateau with time but don't be disheartened and keep at it! It usually takes 5-6 months to make a diet a healthy lifestyle so keep pushing at it and don't give up!
If you have anything you want ask let me know =)

mustardqueen said...

ames: Thank you!!! :) yeah it's so important to stay healthy and I try to cut down on sugar and other junk :) And yes I don't wanna look hungry and skinny like those with ED =/

wendy: WOOOT!! So means if I have any queries about nutrition etc can ask you right right?? hehehe :P So far I'm losing weight gradually but not rapid cause I'm gaining muscle mass (i hope it's muscles not fats wtf) and I'm aiminng to be 60 to be ultimate goal weight if 55 I think I'll look unhealthy/modelesque hehe. It takes time I know, but I'm only 3 months into this whole diet thing, so yea, I'll definitely keep it up and strive harder!! :D


Mel said...

You are f*cking amazing!!! =) Don't mean to be crude but there's no other way to say it!
I've recently discovered this blog, heard about it from The Style Diet and it's! She has some amazing recipes on healthy eating and I've been trying to follow a few of them cos they look so tasty! Just thought I'd share =) Thanks for being an inspiration!