Friday, June 03, 2011

Bring me some flowers!

Some really backdated pictures from the previous OBB Pre-love Party Sale!! Thank you very very much Jezmine for inviting me and Wen to this crazy blast sale!!! The crowd was massive, the response was awesome, everyone is just so so so supportive and happy clappy with their purchases!! :D

I started my day piling on makeup AND I fell sick... Runny nose. -_- Hate it when I need to layan people and talk and I'll have runny nose and I'll keep sucking em mucus in (eew) and mehhhhhh just disgusting and I was all tired. I pop 2 flu pills and it didn't really work till end of the day T_T And was very high wtf!!

Didn't have much pictures cause it was so crowded!! Hahaha but I did get some compliments on my skirt! Money well spent! *chaching*



Hair looked super off cause I just had my haircut few days before the event!! Has it been that long already!? WOOOPS!!! (yeah time for touchup wtf)

This brings to the main topic for today!! If you don't already know, OldBlossomBox is having another PreLove SALE!! :) Who doesn't love digging through others' treasures and hop to the counter and pay for it!? :P


This time, 10 wardrobes to raid from. And one store to munch on macarons and banoffee pies!! MmmMmmm I down-ed like 4 banoffee pies during the previous sale >.>

Friendly eco reminder: Bring you own ecofriendly shopping bag!! :) Saturdays are now plastic bag free day yea? :)

hehe now off to think what to wear, oh and what to pack for tomorrow -_- SIEN need to do tagging T_T

4th June 2011, 12pm
The Old Blossom Box Store
309, Block 2,
Laman Seri Business Park,
Section 13, Shah Alam


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