Sunday, July 03, 2011

Say Hi to Tappo

Tappo is a pet tadpole (or so we thought) owned by my bestie, Yoke Yin. Tappo is a plushie that is oh-so poofy and squishy, and is orange and round. Like, an orange, but with a little tail that resembles a navel! Tappo is actually this creature that hangs out with Kerori the frog, some japanese plush toy character (damn why all frogs damn kero something?) and well, is cute wtf.


I've joined the bandwagon in following Tappo on its Tumblr, TappotheTadpole, to catch up on the latest goss wtf and its adventures around the world. Tappo, came from love of Diggy and Francis (who? haha) and is born in West Virginia, US of A.

Here's some NEVER BEFORE SEEN footage of Tappo out and about in Kuala Lumpur. jengjengjeng. How adventurous right????? You're like the first in the world to preview WTF (make it sound like some Transformers preview hahahaha)

Tappo goes to Fat Spoon.
and had awesome fried chicken nasi goreng kampung and nasi i cannot remember the name but served with curry chicken awesome fried prawn stir fry long beans and salted egg (combi of salted egg and long beans is like jizz) and awesome fat chocolate nomnomnom.

Tappo laik....

Here's Tappo in McShaker bag wtf. JUST KIDDING. It's just to show you how to goncang (shake) and nikmati (enjoy) McShaker fries. I personally don't really like the flavour. THE BEST, is when McShaker was first launched, the BBQ flavour which taste like garlic powder + MSG, and second best is the Seaweed flavour from Shrek 4 release. Yummzaaaaaaa.

Just to let you know that, I haven't given up on my getting fit journey, but the bestie is back and I don't see her 24/7 but like few times a year, so yes, we binge. We do what we do best, EAT.




YiNKy said...

i wasnt expecting this post? LOL. xD

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