Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A thousand needles through my skin

Went for facial after... 6 months. I thought I didn't need it after using SKII but have been breaking out lately, stress, diet, whatsoever so finally made an appointment. Too much clogged pores (from too much makeup meh) causing blackheads! I did feel my skin look "brighter" after removing all the blackheads, after all, BLACK heads make you look darker no?? Looking forward for the next session, not so looking forward for another fucking painful I want to die session. -_- Every time the therapist poke the needle to my skin is like, I dunno tears just start flowing, can't control it. And I wasn't even like all WUUWUUUUWUUU crying, it was just *jab* *tears stream down wtf*


No progress, gained weight. Sister is back and that means BINGING TIME! :D Had some awesome fruits at le bestie's house today along with fries bihun, charsiew omg, and siew yuk om nomnom, her mom cooks awesome food. Prolly should bring her a basket of fruits and kowtow to her and make her my sifu *bows wtf*


Cutest shit EVER.


GONNA TRY MAKING THESE TOMORROW :D:D:D Wish me luck, neeee looking at it just makes me wanna SMILE :D:D:D:D SO CUTE!!!! :DDDDD



I wanna ombre my ends =( But but but it only looks nice when the top is blonde which I can't be fucked to bleach em roots! D: HOW NOW?!


Kimmy said...

That panda cake looks too cute to eat!! :) Did you manage to make them?

btw, whenever I have facial, during the extraction part, I pinch myself to counter the pain..the harder she pinches my face, the harder I pinch myself. :/ ouch, i know but it helps keep from jumping up of the bed every time I get pinched.

Joshua said...

Do the Ruminants style ombré! Hers is the only one that works for dark hair. She has light tips that darken as it goes closer to the roots

Joshua said...

Rumi* stupid autocorrect

La Petite Cherie ♡ said...

Omg go ombré! It will look magnifique on you :))

mustardqueen said...

kimmy: IT'S BREAD!!!! Mine was left out to rise for too long, tasted a bit too fermented wtf u know like wine-ish HAHAHAHAHAA maybe thats why now left so little cause my family are all drunkards WTF! =P It look a bit weird T_T Cause I didn't shape it properly and was well, left out too long T_T

hahah I just put my hands on my stomach and clench tight when my pores can jabbed into -_- I think if i pinch myself I'm just gonna be left with lots and lots of bruises haha

josh: hahaha ruminants wtfff but i dun like the bleached ends makes it look damn dry T_T I want pink T_____T

la petite cherie: I'll see how it goes... my finances do no allow me to do it HAHAHAHAH