Thursday, August 18, 2011

Almond Frangipane

In the mood for tarts again!!! I love having sweet tarts and decided to make some new flavour. Tried out Tartlette's frangipane almond tart with pears! :D Did you know that Pate Sucree and Pate Sable is 2 different things!!!?????


So this recipe requires honey and you know how I love honey with almonds (even my cereal has almonds and honey in it! Post Honey Bunches of Oats!).


Picture of my tart!!! Loving the colours, the golden brown of the frangipane and honey, salivate!!!!!

I just started this whole food photography thing and I even bought new table cloth for my dining table!!! I even bought rose petals (ok fine my mom did!) and erm to decorate.


Kimmy said...

yummmm. that looks absolutely delish! and kudos on the decor!! :)

Pls do food photography. I'll visit drop by everyday! :)

accidental encounters

Anonymous said...

oh gosh! I love your plate!! its pure gorgeousness! pray tell where you got it from.

J said...

Looks lovely!! bet it tastes scrumptious too!

Anonymous said...

looks delicious, but i think the plate looks nicer against the wood than white.

elly said...

looks fantastic!

mustardqueen said...

kimmy: hahahaha when I have the time to actually lay on some table cloth and get some flower petals or other deco la haha but will keep it up, seems damn fun after looking at other food blogs doing it! :D

travellingfoodies: omg ur commenting on my page *shy* big fan of your blog!! I got this plate from this store in Kuala Lumpur (1 utama shopping centre, if you know where it is, it's on the LG floor) for 70% off!!! Really pretty in real life :D

J: It tasted not bad at all!! Just that the pears look like mushrooms WTF!!

anon: haha thanks for the heads up, I was just randomly placing it on other surfaces and snap :P

elly: :D THANK U!!

Paul David said...

hi dear ur post is nice table linen