Friday, August 12, 2011

Littlest thing


Really I am 85% confirmed that the post written few days ago was due to hormones, but really, I'm a lot better right now. And having nasi briyani and mango cheesecake for dinner can't be that bad eh? :P But thank you all for those lovely comments, these small little things will soon become a big picture. :)

Another thing to cheer me up is... SS2 wai sek gai (i call it that cause I dunno what should I call it, the ABC store has been there ever since and it still taste the same!!)

One thing I LOVEEEEE about their ABC is the generous amount of gula melaka and rose syrup that balances so well, and not too sweet, and it taste like JELLY!!!! It's a compliment when we say the food taste like chicken nuggets or mango pudding or jelly or anything processed, cause seriously when you make something from scratch to taste like processed food, it says something hahahha what kinda logic.


a little project I'm working on now, (well of course that is not my kitchen, I wish it'd be though T_T) is to clean out the kitchen so I can work on more yummy food and actually cook more often, so at least I know what's going into my food! So far I'm sorta done sorting out some new plates and cutleries I just got and the dining area. Sort of done but I still have to clean the wet kitchen, find a space to accommodate my new pots (it is love, pictures up soon :P) and my pink mixing bowl =3. Just one more pink kitchenaid and ice-cream machine and food processor and a pink set of knives and I'll be fucking happy!!! :D

Can't wait till the day the kitchen can go into some serious makeover, cause the cupboards are getting old (14 years since it was installed I think) and it hasn't been well maintained until recently I decided to CLEAN it with dettol, antiseptic, lemon juice etc can you imagine the amount of shit collecting?? And my grandma has been keeping god knows what so it was more like THROW THROW THROW and getting rid of things that we don't use, to be put into better use (like donating some unused tumbler bottles and reusing the 29831289237483 tupperwares -_-)

I hope I can get my Kitchenaid for my 21st T____T Wanna sponsor me?? :P

ps: I'm sorry if I'm turning into such an aunty but, you see... I don't have a choice cause my mom dropped me this "job" to clean the kitchen and make it a better place. For me at least :P


Anonymous said...

Dear mustard,

Kicthen aid in US is USD 300 !!

Here minimum pun RM 2000!!!!!!!!

=D thought you would like to know!

Kimmy said...

I love kitchenaid! my mom's been wanting to get one for ages.

while you're at it, maybe get a SMEG fridge too! I like the baby pink one.

btw, you're only 21!! T_T so youngg

Anonymous said...

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revel in me said...

anon: I'm contemplating to ask my friend to buy it for me from the US but then it'll be a BITCH to send it back wtf cause it's so heavy T_T I'll see how it goes hahahahaha but it'll be DAMN ON if I can get it from US and ship it here =DDD Yalah i got a shock when I saw it was 2.7k in Bangsar but then again it's Bangsar hehe

kimmy: I never used it before but I already love it wtf can ar hahahahahaa like omg SMEG fridge is 10k -_- HOW TO BUY I think I rather use that 10k and buy lots of other more useful things to decorate the kitchen like a kitchenaid and other pretty looking pans hehehehehe yahhh turning 21 soon :) I'm young but look damn old fml

Kimmy said...

Hahaha you're using your sister's account now or she forgotten to log off?

I know right.. SMEG fridge is so over priced..but so prettyyyyyy!!
You don't look old la, you're just very very tall. {it's a compliment btw}

Anonymous said...

I personally love your blog because like you, my sister and I are shopaholics, foodaholics from PJ and are not what you would call size zero

I actually think the previous post was incredibly honest as opposed to a sudden hormonal burst.I could really relate to it. Personally, I was always chubby but I typically focus on the bonus bits that come with that @ boobies! Being vegetarian and active, still pretty chubby but healthy. We're all born unique obviously. I think we get too engrossed with looking a certain way when one lets their figure define them.

For me, I love studying new things. That gives me a sense of extreme confidence. So what if I'm a size 14. From travels, people across the world suffer greatly daily, so I think I've got it pretty swell. That perspective puts a genuine smile on my face daily.

I think you have always looked fabulous, pounds more, or pounds less. Hope it wasn't a nag to read. Just my 2 cents.

mustardqueen said...

kimmy: -__________- my sis forgotten to logoff using my laptop!! roarrrrr dun care haahahhaa

anon: HELLO FELLOW FOODAHOLICCCC :D:D:D:D:D U know what we should like hangout some time and eat hahah I need eating kakis =PPPP I'm glad that someone actually thinks that that post was actually brutally honest but somewhat true because I hate that ppl often think that I'm such a whiner and I seek for attention but I write what I really feel :) Good on you that you have bonus bits and curves! My boobs are literally non-existent after losing weight, and I'm not even halfway to my goal weight YET! -_- and you're such a positive person, must have traveled a lot around the world eh?? :PP And really, I appreciate what I have everyday, being in the comforts of home and being around the ppl I love loads. :)

Anonymous said...

hi babe just wondering when you got your hair dyed red did you have your hair bleached first? tia! :)

ps. your blog makes me hungry T___T

mustardqueen said...

anon: I didn't get it bleached!! Which is good cause if I bleached it when the colour fades it's gonna be a really horrible orange shade!!! Mine was copper brown after it fades, not as bad HAHAHA go to a good hairdresser and they'll know how to do it without bleaching ;P