Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tom Ford

Remember me mentioning about wanting to get new specs? I did! And I'm in love!!! Still need some adjusting to the new lenses (fml power increase by 0.25 on right eye, I thought my power was stabilized and was considering lasik T_T)


I think I look... a little funny, or maybe I'm not used to. Or also maybe cause I was trying it on with makeup on. You know this kinda decision you have to make with your hair up and down, fringe up and down swipe back side sweep with makeup without makeup. But then I cannot be bothered wtf. I mean it's what I've been looking for, tortoise shell, squarish frame and it's new!! hahaha I'm so superficial sometimes I mean all the time.

PS: I realise I haven't been posting pictures of myself lately =/ Don't know why but haven't been feeling... pretty. No mood to dressup, no mood to put on makeup etc. le sigh.

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