Thursday, October 20, 2011


I think most of you would have guessed and already knew that my act of disappearance was rather obvious (and for those who follows me on twitter, quite obvious that from 5000 tweets a day to none, I mean come on who am I to kid). My "trip" that was mentioned before was actually a lie. I'm a big fat liar and I'm sorry.

But you should be happy for me because I am happy with what I went through and let's just say it is an opportunity of a LIFETIME. I'll be all "MOMMY LOOK I'M ON TV" and geee I wonder what it'd be to see myself on screen?!

They say "bad decisions" make good stories!! (not that it's a bad decision, it was a spur of the moment thing!). At least I can tell my future kids/grandkids that hey your mom/grandma been on TV before!! And proceeds to dig out old memory sticks and try to find an appropriate drive to insert (ala Sheldon and his floppy disk drive hahahaaha)

It is for you to find out what are the challenges that I'll be going through. See for yourself!! Catch me on Masterchef Malaysia, Astro Ria (Channel 104) this Saturday 22 October 2011, 9pm. :D

oh my god it's this Saturday, can't believe the auditions was in May and everything happened in a blur. Do you know how hard it is to keep it from people? And how hard it is to NOT let people know what's happening? But to be honest, some of you may be doubting if I'm actually writing this on "real-time" or is this scheduled. HAHA Confusing much? This is actually a schedule post... Or is it??

It only felt like yesterday when I receive the good news and went "AHHHHHHHHHHHH" in the room with Wen with shaky fists and stomping feets. :) Looking back at those moments, it was really heart warming and looking back at what I did, foolish or wise decisions, they are things that have already happened, I can't make any amendments nor I can try to fix things, what's done is done. And I'm content with where I'm standing right now.

AND GODDDDDDD!!! The people that I've met in the top 40?? Let's just say... Interesting characters. :) I've met a lot that I could click with *waves at them* and we spend most of our times together, and these are the moments that we will all look back and think "what were we thinking that time!" and laugh our asses off. :) After all, we're in this together, like a big family, the 40 of us and the rest of the production crew.

I am *still* figuring out how you can transfer a video on Facebook to normal channels ie Youtube, because it's not that cool to be a digital dinosaur thanks. Any tips? So I can post the video of the MCM commercial etc

I'll write posts as the episodes come up and share my thoughts and and some insights to the episodes ;D OH I just came up with this great idea!!! I shall do videos of my thoughts on the episode!! That way I can get airtime online hahahaha I'm such a fame whore HEH!! And well you can actually feel more when you see me explain with my voice and expressions. :D


YiNKy said...

And I can tell my kids "Your mommy's bff was on TV!!" xDDDDDDDDD

Anonymous said...

Thats so cool! Can't wait to watch Masterchef Malaysia :)

Anonymous said...

Thats so cool! Can't wait to watch Masterchef Malaysia :)

smoochie said...

Great! I cant wait and looking forward to your Masterchef Malaysia's posts!

mustardqueen said...

yinky: YESSSS hahahaha and I'll be telling your kids like u know last time aunty been on TV and go dig out video tape wtf

anon: I know right!?? me?? TV?? hahahaha WATCH IT K?? it'll be damn awkward if ppl see me on streets and go all aren't you on MCM haha

smoochie: WATCH AND SUPPORT K!? Will do videos of my thoughts on episodes hehe