Sunday, October 09, 2011

Like a diamond in the sky

Random note: I have no idea what gajah is in the ceiling but I can hear stomping, running and rumbling sounds. Kinda creepy and I hope it doesn't break the ceiling if not I'll freak!!!! I think it's some cat chasing after rats. Geee go elsewhere please?


Back from Seoul!!! Super tiring trip, let's just say I didn't sleep a lot, and when I do sleep I'll slap on a mask just so my skin won't suffer too much from the lack of rest. T_T I think I had 3+4+4 hours of sleep. Total of 11. I did NOT sleep on the night I arrive and shopped till morning and met up with Seulgi the afternoon after. Bought lotsa basic tops that I can live in forever!!! :D So happy and the quality beats those from F21/topshop handsdown!

Pictures later. I had fun dressing up in the cold-ish weather!! Just nice to roam around in shorts (for me la I didn't put on tights heh but it wasn't that cold! Around 20, I used to wear sleeveless in 20 degrees Melbourne weather k!). Pretty people, pretty boys, pretty clothes, GREAT COFFEE (2-3 cups a day omnomnom) and some eye candy hehehehe. LOTSA cosmetics and face masks, they better do good to my skin!!!

And just a mini update I had minor acne outbreak 2 weeks ago while I was away. And it was all over my chest, upper back and face. Small little bumps all over my face, such a pain to put on makeup! It was that bad I had to take antibiotics -_- And it doesn't help right after I return I set off to Seoul again and no rest, so yes, face mask during sleep is a must! Will do some reviews on the masks I got! :D

PRETTY PINK NAILS!!! Got the OPI nail polishes from Lotte Duty Free! SO CHEAP OKAY! Liek RM 35 per bottle. #WIN!


One thing I love flying alone is that you can sleep whenever you want, read whenever you want and just do whatever you want! But I hate having to sit at the windiw seat and not able to go to the toilets! -_- But yet I love window seats cause everytime I take a night flight, the night skies never fail to put a smile on my face. It gives this sense of serenity in the dark, stars glistening brighter than any Cartier diamonds. I could almost play connect the dots with all the stars. I'll always spot for Orion's belt, and try to make out the entire image of the archer.

And there will be one star that shines the brightest, it's always located slightly below the belt and I notice it's always there when I look up the skies (even when I'm not flying). There are stars that didn't shine as bright, but its light never goes out, they are like the shy ones, shining every now and then. But without them, the entire night skies won't be as bright. Ahh, how cool is this?

And one more thing that I'll do apart from sticking my nose on the window to take a closer and clearer look at the skies, I'll always make a wish because it's always better to have wishful thinking. Who knows, for every star that I was concentrating on, there might be shooting star(s) crossing paths that my human eyes might have missed.

Sorry this may bore you, but next time, really, take a look out of the window. Think out of the box. Expect the unexpected. Make a wish, take the fall if it's what you wish for.

Ok that gajah in the ceiling is still here -_-

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