Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Big News

Guess who will have perfect teeth in 2 years time (to be confirmed haha)? :D

YES After so so so many years, LE FINALLY I decided to get it done... Braces it is.

Why not Invisalign you ask? Because it's too expensive. No I kid, it's cause of my condition. Well you see, not everyone has the qualified teeth (wtf) to wear invisalign and in my case, it's overcrowding (31 freaking teeth mind you), so braces it is!!

I remember I called this dental clinic up for a quote, usually patients will wear the aligners for 12-18 months and she quoted me... Rm25k to 30k (wtf right)

And I called another clinic up, which is the clinic I'll be getting it done, it's about RM15k. Yalah I know I'm vain la because I don't wanna have metal brackets all over my mouth and I heard it gives you ulcers and it's fucking painful when you get it tighten every month. T_T But it's okay, maybe after all this is what I've been missing in my diet plan AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA CONTROL wtf. I mean since I cannot control my appetite, I'll have braces as my appetite suppressant wtf.

Random, but did you know I used to have this "tiger teeth' (we call it that cause it juts out like tigers' fangs) on the right side? My lovely mom used to have this case and her dentist suggest she remove one of the teeth so the teeth that juts out has space to shift downwards. It worked! Just that my entire top jaw shifted to the right cause there was extra space. So basically... my jaw is screwed thats why my jaw is actually senget *shifty eyes*

NAH proof that my teeth was straight shortly after I removed that stupid tooth!!! And also a picture of me when I was 14 I looked rather different from how I look now. I always take the longest time to clear immigration during holidays cause they'll be looking at the picture for damn long T____T Can see resemblance la but look different right? RIGHT? Please say yes, please hahahahah


So yesss I am excited!!! When I say I want changes I MAKE changes. :) Be the change you want to see (eventhough it requires money -_-). Gotta snap some pictures of my BEFORE teeth ngeheheheehhe


Eve said...

omg! braces are so expensive now! will have to live with ugly teeth for the rest of my life now.. FML ... T_T

Anonymous said...

"When I say I want changes I MAKE changes.."

Motivation strucked me suddenly upon reading that line you wrote
Glad that u will be having pretty teeth in 2 years time!=))
*cheeeeeeeeeeers !

Mel said...

Im 23 and will be getting my braces put in place in about 2 weeks. Though I know my self esteem will go down the drain (like it hasn't already) since I'm not exactly young plus I'm a working professional, but I keep telling myself the long run it will be worth it. Tired of feeling sad every time I look in the mirror or see photos of myself with misaligned teeth and this is my chance to change it. So i'm just going to have to suck it up and hopefully not get too upset every time someone calls me braceface or gigi besi. Out of curiosity, how much did the doctor quote you for normal braces?

mustardqueen said...

eve: I think u misread, I mean 15k for invisalign!! Braces are around 5-6k la, its about standard price now =/

anon: HAHAHAHAHAHA YALAHHHH If I don't make changes there wouldn't be changes, everything will be stagnant =) Yesssss 2 years will go by very quickly providing the end of the world is not as predicted in 2012 wtf!!! But yes, I am actually pretty happy eventhough I'll have metal brackes stuck onto my teeth! :)

mel: Well one of my mom's friend got braces when she was 45!!! She never regret it, age isn't a problem as long as you're determined! :) I too was a bit skeptical about how I'll look with braces but screw that! I'll look fab after it's removed, besides every "ugly" day that I'll go through, means the prettier I'll look after it's removed!! hehehehe Screw what people say, I think I'll smile EVEN MORE after I get my braces, just because it'll remind me that it'll all be worth it! :D The dentist quote me about 6k for the entire treatment. :)