Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dog eat dog world.

If you have not follow me on twitter, you prolly don't know that my dog, BB hasn't been feeling the greatest and whenever this shit happen, I'll be dragged into it and I do not like it because everytime it'll end up the same. Oh consultation fees and the medicines are too expensive, just let it be, they will get well eventually.

what. the. fuck.

I just came back from the clinic, even the doctor was a little like "ok, it's your decision" and he gets it when I gave him the face when my grandpa said, "eh so expensive".

BB was puking bile juice, some yellow substance from the liver and apparently there might be possible liver infection with some high tech name I couldn't pronounce. So he recommended to go for a blood test at the lab to see what bacteria/virus/infection has been attacking BB. Basic blood test results showed that BB is not okay, her WBC count is WAYYYYYY higher than normal range (9-19) and hers is 28.7! And RBC count is slightly above normal range.

The reason for not proceeding with the procedures??? "I paid RM200 for adoption from SPCA, now I'm paying more than RM300 for the medication, not worth it."

What the fuck.

Another thing I'm so pissed is that, I said "this is a LIFE we're talking about here, what if it dies"

"Just let it die la!! We can adopt another one, there's so many dogs that we can adopt"

Inside I was thinking, seriously, can you bear your dog that you've been rearing for the past few years, feeding it everyday, showering it and caring it for the past few years to just be put up for adoption again? I can't!!

See???? The story always end up the same! It's either the dog dies, or it's sent back to SPCA, just like that!!! Easier done than said!

I'm so sick of having to deal with all these, if a dog is sick and you refuse to cure it, I better suggest you DON'T adopt it in giving it a false hope of having a loving home and care and then after a while get sent back again. There are better solutions to give animals love and care, like going to the pound for voluntary work, at least to show some love, they will appreciate it! Everytime I go to SPCA I get all emotional and wanting to adopt them all because all these fucktards left them. As hypocritical as it sounds, my family is now one of them! I feel ashamed!

Can someone shoot me already?

If you don't get the picture please go shoot yourself. To be very honest, the hoe family doesn't really have great records of taking care of dogs, I'm not sure why but our dogs never seem to stay in the family longer than 5 years. True story. The longest history was Mickey (for which he stayed with us for more than 10 years, died of old age) and Choppy (my beloved cocker spaniel T_________T)

Yah so now just hope for the best that her current meds will make her feel better.

comments off, can't be dealing with other bullshit right now