Sunday, November 20, 2011

I Run Like Hell



/end update haha

Nike sure do like to contradict people. -_- I saw this cutest t-shirt online and I told myself "I MUST get this" and I was searching high and low for it!! Little did I know it's actually men's tee! But who cares I own things like a bow tie, men's shirt and have a little fetish with men's perfume wtf. Don't judge!!

Was seeking ways to get these baby in my hands and tadaa I found it in the KL store but... there's always a catch. They didn't have it in black because black makes people look thinner And the sole reason why I wanna get this is so I'll have the "motivation" to keep running (I havent' been running lately because I really, don't like running -_-, my legs feel extra heavy when I'm on the treadmill or the roads fts)


Like super angsty just like me! I can so imagine myself running and go like where the fuck is the finish lineeeeee WHERE!!??? And then stop and drink water, rest, and procrastinate then rest. lalala


yah thanks I found the answer.
(there's also a shirt for this -_-)

and why ar?? Why Nike Men get nicer tee shirts!!?? WHY? They even have nicer shoes! UNFAIR!!


Anonymous said...

hey tat's a pretty cool shirt! how come can't find it online! where did u see it?

mustardqueen said...

Nike stores!! Men's section ok? Erm, online, just go to men's tees or something should be able to find it. :)