Friday, November 04, 2011

Smile Lines


Took this really happy picture of my grandpa last Sunday during parents' 28th wedding anniversary dinner. Can't recall what we were talking about but grandpa had this big smile on his face. This picture best describe the saying "see teeth don't see eyes" the cantonese always use.

It pains me when flipping through old pictures (taken with film camera!! =O) back when I was 9, he was then 70. Firmer skin, less crow's feet and his smile lines weren't as deep. But what never changes is that he's still the man who wakes up at 5am to do qi gong, eats a lot of bananas and takes care of the dog. :) Often times I wonder and would love to ask him about his life stories, but never had the guts to do so (such a coward).

It also pains me to see him to have to go through medical checkups few weeks ago. MRI, blood tests, scans because he was dizzy for the past few days. It must have worried him that he thought it might be stroke or something serious, but the doctors confirmed that he's all fine and it's just of old age. Le sigh. And then he said "can't deny that we're old already lor". =(


purpose of this post is to... show this really happy picture of this happy old man and grandma. love you ye ye and ma ma.

By the way, they've been married for 57 years!! Kim Kardashian who? haha

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Jing said...

I miss grandparents!! =')