Thursday, December 01, 2011

Bootcamp: Day 2

No I didn't suddenly become skinny after just 2 sessions.

The thing is, joining bootcamp is to test my limits, because you won't know how far you can run after you try.

I'm happy. I'm content. I'm proud.

Lots of lunges, burpees and drops today, to failure. And running too, which I hate. Hearing what the other team members say to me is just motivating, they thought I'm a runner *wipes tears* And because I seem like I can handle it, being one of the newbies, I was the only newbie called up to carry the sandbag and complete the assessment. Which I finished the lap *phew*

And I love how everyone is so motivating during the workouts! They actually continue running with you even AFTER they're done with their turns. T_T If only I have the stamina... Because in bootcamp they don't say "You suck, you're not doing it right, you can't make it" Instead they play with words. "Come on, X round left, stand up tall, go do it!, good work" The only negative thing they said was " I don't wanna see people walking in my field, RUN".

I think the statement that exercising releases endorphines and makes you happy is true. My mindset have been rather positive lately and I'm loving it!

December, a new month to begin, rid all expectations and go with the flow. It may mark the end of a wonderful year, but this only mean a new chapter is coming right up. :) Keep going on till you find your own happy ending.

Now now, I need to focus on getting my form right, perfect those pushups and do more of it. :) Guns in the making, I ain't kidding.


Anonymous said...

can i join if i'm already thin? to get fit/healthy?

mustardqueen said...

Who says those who are fat/obese only can join?!! That's a stereotype! But if you're in for a challenge to change to a healthy lifestyle, I say WHY NOT!? :) If you join, do say hi if we happen to be in a same session. :)