Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nut Milk

Found this REALLLLLLY cute video on how you can make your own almond milk (or any sort of nut milk)

My New Roots - How to Make Nut Milk from My New Roots on Vimeo.

Alternative to milk for the lactose intolerant. :) I am pretty sure I cannot take dairy but my love my cakes/desserts has never stopped me from taking dairy so yes, I'll just sacrifice more time in the toilet. And they say the only way to overcome this is to build up resistance no? So I continue taking dairy la! *shifty eyes*

And I've read somewhere saying that soy milk contains high contents of Estrogen, which will cause hormonal imbalance if over-consumed (well, everything over board is not good). And it will lead to weight gain (!!!!!!!!) *insert me gusta face* Not sure how true is that, any nutritionist would like to point it out? And I've once experienced hormonal imbalance while I was away and it was one of the worst period of my life. =/ My skin was breaking out all over, face, chest and back, it was really bad. And the worst part? I had to go for shooting. So, yeah, now you know why my skin looked so bad on TV cause that was the lowest point (in terms of skin condition) cause of the heat in the kitchen and hormones. Damn you.

Maybe I should try making almond milk! :D It looks so yummy and is PACKED with nutrients. And I can dehydrate the almond pulp and eat it after :P Or make it into almond meal = MACARONS!

ALSO, this is the MOST natural way of making almond milk, no additives, no sugar, just pure almond goodness. :)

Also update: Went for my first day of bootcamp, I ran on muds and lied on the field. I was covered in mud by 0800 hours. It surprised me how beautiful the sky is early in the morning. Pure blue skies with slight fluff of clouds while doing my crunches. And the best part was the motivation you get from your partner/team mate and the instructors. They keep you going. They give you positive feedback instead of saying that you're a fat burrito hahahaha And they thought I'm a runner because I can "run". Sprained my ankle a little cause I didn't control my landing while running (damn you uneven terrains!) but nothing a little stretching won't do. I finished 2nd quickest for my assessment at 8:49 (cut off time 10 minutes). Pretty good for a first timer. And I finished the 800m run/jog in 5:15. I think I'm proud with my results, I mean this is coming from a girl who used to take 10 minutes to run 1k (ok fine brisk walk).

What else? I've gone completely crazy waking up at 4 in the morning unable to sleep cause my body thought I was taking a nap wtf -_- And I pushed myself and went for evening session at the gym for Attack and Pump, after my morning bootcamp session!! Been lifting more weights and I'm loving it more and more, my quads are still burning from too many lunges and squats, my shoulders are aching, but better feel sore than sorry like they always say!!! OH my gluts are aching too hehehehehe

Did I also mention that I haven't weigh myself in like... almost 2 weeks? I'm ditching my scales, because my weight does not define what a wonderful person I am :P But then again, the heavier I am, the more awesome I am right right? :P


ps: I'm allergic to grass, or maybe those filthy field bugs bit me, I'm having red spots all over my legs. MEH, it'll get better.


Wendy said...

Hey Ting, I'm a dietitian =P!
Soy milk contains phytostrogens, a naturally occuring female sex hormone found in plants. It is not the same as human oestrogen. There is currently no evidence to suggest decreasing consumption of soy milk. Many studies that may have shown an adverse effect with soy are test tube studies (not that applicable to real human beings!)

Just wanted to point out also that it's very important to get enough calcium (I have a post on my blog about it =P). If you are lactose intolerant it is okay to eat a small tub of yoghurt or cheese as there is very little lactose in them. Soy milk does not have available calcium for your body when made yourself. I know in Australia all soy milk is fortified with calcium, not sure about Malaysia. Other sources of calcium includes hard tofu, sardines, almonds, edamame.

Also it's so great you're doing lots of exercise. Not sure if you know this already but if you are doing strenuous exercise for more than 60mins at a time you need protein (10-20g) and carbohydrates pre and post workout to recover. Eg. milk and a fruit, fruit and yoghurt, peanut butter sandwich etc. This will ensure your muscles can recover adequately so you can continue to put in your best effort at your next exercise session!

I hope you'll visit my blog sometime for more nutrition tips =)

mustardqueen said...

wendy: OMG you just sorta saved my life!! haha Thanks for the heads up on Soy Milk, now I can have both soy milk AND almond milk! Don't worry I do take in calcium, I loveeeee yogurt with all my life I have cereal with yogurt everyday! :D Greek yogurt to be exact, can't beat that taste :) And I'm trying to clean up my diet, so I'm cutting down on white rice and having more protein like chicken breast, tuna, salmon. And the things you happen to mention, also happen to be my favourite things to munch on. Peanut butter on toast mmmm :D

Sure things I'll check your blog out!! Nutrition is KEY to leading a healthy life. :) THANK YOU SO MUCH =D

Lisa! said...


Luxirare, probably the best blogger ever! and her almond milk, nom!
(Link in case you wanted an inspiration and food orgasm! :D)

mustardqueen said...

lisa: I've seen that before!!!!! I was like DAMN I NEED SOME OF THOSE IN ME FRIDGE NOW! hahahaha She is like freaking amazing ok, look at all the food that she's prepared! Looks so YUM and just simple steps to prepare for some of them! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Ting, been reading your blog and love your honest better self -discovery journey =) i really like the apron, thats so cool! Do you know where i can get it from in KL? =) thanks!

Anonymous said...

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