Sunday, December 11, 2011

Few things


1. I have been breaking out lately. And after my "soymilk dilemma" issue, I realize that, the soymilk hasn't made me gain weight but more so the shit I take in *shifty eyes* Instead, I realize that drinking soymilk makes my skin better!! Apparently this whole hormone imbalance shit is real and since soymilk is packed with estrogen, I now know what I'm lacking of.

2. I need to eat more vegetables. -_- Avocado is a fruit (right?) and I'm not taking enough greens!!

3. I haven't slept so much in a day!! 3 hours nap and 9 hours last night? I'm feeling good!! :D Nothing beats a good rest and let em muscles rest enough. I hate it when I workout so hard, and then I don't get enough rest, I don't see any progress!! Rest helps relieves soreness and well, more sleep is always better (not too much!)

4. My shins has been hurting really badly (especially after running on uneven surface and too much running -_-) and I just found out that it's call a shin splint. Remedy? Rest. -.-

5. I dropped my phone 9348472 times this week. PLEASE DON'T DIE!

6. I've got dying roses in my room.

7. Was clenching my fist so hard while punching that I cut my skin on me palm HA!

8. Meeting with some happy people tomorrow!! :D:D:D:D

9. I love my birthday presents. :):):) All to bits. Pictures soon? :P

10. Was browsing for places to go in Tokyo and I was all psyched when I found they have Pierre Herme in Tokyo!! SO near to Shibuya :D All I'm hoping for is that I won't get all radiated when I return =/ Radiate and Radiant totally different thing ok.

11. I cannot wait till I get a haircut, should I grow it out? I'm having new hair again cause it's a new year hahahahaha

12. That also means, december will come to an end. Why do all good things come to an end?? Whatever happen to happy ever after!? Doesn't it come to an end wtf. BUT SOKAY! 2012 will be better for all of us! :D

13. I wanna join a marathon. Well we have to start somewhere, so why not start with a small run?

That's all. See? Quick random updates, that pretty much sums up my life.

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