Thursday, December 08, 2011

Sexy High Society

I'm back from Singapore!!! I am unsure the reason why but I think this is one of the BEST trips to Singapore that I've had. I think it's cause I've finally been to parts of Singapore that I've never been to, and cause I finally get to reunite with Nancy!!! :D Oh Oh not to mention I get to meet my nephews *melt* That, leaves a post for another day :D:D:D:D:D

I've been FILLED with happy energy lately. I was so looking forward to my birthday, it came and gone, just like that. But it's good!! Because I'm sure better things are coming!! There might be another round of Singapore to watch Wicked, and maybe the unconfirmed Dubai trip and Tokyo in January :D

I went slightly mental and I blame it on the chinese tea I had the night before (is it me or that, a lot of people can't drink tea at night? I can't sleep!!). I ended up only having 3 hours of interrupted sleep last night, wokeup at 6am, drag my ass to Bootcamp, left to office and rush through peak hours traffic (surprisingly not too bad cause I was on the other direction) to go for double session at le gym. I am now running on water and adrenaline. I need to rest, else my body will cry D:

Anyway bootcamp was madness today T_T Well, sergeant pushed me to this hardcore group and we had to carry a log on our shoulders (actually arms but it was a weird angle so I rested them on my shoulders) and buggerrrrr fucking chat diu lan macaohai heavy my shoulders are now inflamed. Hope there are no bruises later. I admit, I didn't push myself hard enough, after a short while I switched to ropes cause I simply couldn't take it, cause there was height difference with other "soldiers" and it'll be unfair for the shorter ones cause all the weight will be forced unto them! Yes, we ran one round (ok fine walk/jog) along Jalan Utara and looked like mad people =P Did some back workouts too!! Who says girls can't lift weights?? Gaining muscles = lower body fat % = ultimate goal! I could feel my upper back BURNING while doing low rows. Did chest press and pecs exercise! I always feel that while benchpressing I can't feel the burn in my chest, now I do!!! But I like it! I mean when I'm being pushed to do things that I'm not comfortable with, I learn. I grow stronger. And I left the gym feeling happy because my instructor said "GOOD ENERGY". See how positive motivations work on people?? I may not be pin thin tomorrow, but all these?? All these will be worth it one day. The pain I go through during squat lunges, the sprained ankles and grass allergies, I'm not saying it's easy, but I'm telling you that it'll be worth it. :D Best part is?? I had FUN!! Chicken Hor FUUUNNNNN hahhahah wtf

High Society - Marina Bay Sands

Was roaming around MBS and we were both... hungry -_- after dinner and decided to have TEA! for supper hahaha ok fine desserts. See that cabinet there? SPOILT FOR CHOICE! Ultimate sinners it felt SO GOOD to just down desserts without thinking about a thing! It's my vacation and I told myself to let go, as long as I get back on track when I return, and I did. :)

Please do yourself a favour and try the Raspberry Mille Feuille? It's like, so simple, but yet so wholesomely awesome yummy. Perfect puff crust, you can feel it crumbling on your tongue. Mmmmm. My Yuzu, Apple and White chocolate combination wasn't as great. It was just missing something. Macarons were a tad toooo sweet at High Society but pretty interesting flavours there.

Can you imagine my excitement when I was browsing through the cabinets with rows and ROWS of sweets?! It was sort of like when I was on the Superman ride in Gold Coast. Butterflies and orgasms wtf!

Love how Singapore has all these nice cafes that you can just chill with desserts!! Reminds me of Melbourne =( Gives me inspiration for my future cafe/restaurant too! =D Well, long long long way to go. Keep up girl heh!

I'm just gonna pretend all these happy energy are confetti and SPRIKLEEEEEEEE all of it everywhere. :))))


Anonymous said...

Yay ur working now?

You do look and sound much more happier!
Chin up and 2012 will be a great year for you.

mustardqueen said...

anon: sorta hahaha mmmm do I look happy?? Hhahahaha cause erm most of the time my face is like -_- not happy lol! anyway yes I AM a lot happier now and yes, I'm sure 2012 will be even better than 2011 eventhough 2011 has been awesomeeeee :) Hope 2012 will be good for u too :D

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