Saturday, February 11, 2012

Scary Hairy

Let's talk about hair today.

Sorry for the lack of updates but I'm going to see Yen again tomorrow and I'm getting new colour! WHEE! :D I'm rooting for turquoise/pastels #wishmeluck

thought it was pretty cool to braid my hair a lot when I was in Japan. I love how the streaks work with the braids, it's just... COOL LA!!! I love crazy coloured hair, but one thing is they NEVER last!!!! WHYYYY.

I haven't really posted about my hair since I had it done, to be honest, I wasn't 100% happy with my hair like my previous hairstyles. Mainly cause I looked like I had clip on extensions instead of my 100% real hair (everyone asked me if those were extensions cause there were 2 huge streaks jutting out). And also cause after like 2 weeks after it's done, it faded so badly (I blame washing too frequently because unlike others, I HAVE to wash my hair daily or it'll end up greasy and stinky and I hate that feeling, at least once a day)

So tomorrow I'm going back, I am going for a second bleaching session to make it lighter (OH GOD I just hate that yellow tinge on my hair!! I want it platinum blonde! Have you seen Hanie's hair, it's so cool, I want something like that. And my bestie is having some serious GORGEOUS hair right now I'm so jealous T_T). And... I wanna get lilac/marshmallow pink/pastel turquoise. I WANTTTTT and I want more ombre. I VANT!!!


Kim L said...

I recently experimented with ombré hair! Love it except, like your case, the color faded after 2/3 washes.... :(

Good luck with your hair n show us the result!

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