Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Fab Feb

Can you believe it's February already?

I know I haven't been updating a lot lately but, photobucket is really being a pain and there's no way I'll be paying for something to upload pictures cause I think that's my right (diva right I know).

Happy Chinese New Year Gong Xi Fa Cai to those who are celebrating (still CNY so not too late to wish). And all I can say is, the amount of junk I put into my body is obscene, I'm feeling really bad right now, so starting from tomorrow I REALLY need to watch what I put into my mouth. Please, I need to gain back my control. =( January was the month that I slacked off so so much, Japan, CNY, sis back from Australia, I feel disgusted at the thought of the food I had!!! D:

Just need to pack up my feelings and start all over. Not all over all over, but pick it up where I left it.

But seriously? Who can resist a perfect piece of crispy roast pork with even layers of fat and meat? haha

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