Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wish Me Luck!

Hopefully the lilac works. Right now I'm having this colour call Special Blonde Pearl Ash to make my hair lighter, and it seems to be turning purplish gray when it's oxidized. I'm suspecting that my dark hair pigments are being "bleached" away by the peroxide making it to a more greyish white tone (the tone I chose). I wanna remove that yellow tone on the bleached parts. THEN I'll put on the lilac. It's not really lilac, it's actually an anti yellow concentrate. WISH ME LUCK. If not I'll just have ash hair. FML for FMF hahahhaha


Xen Lee ♥ said...

OMG SO BRAVE!! Awesome colour choice but I have to salute you for attempting this at home! And I thought DIY packs (Liese) was already pushing it :D Show us how it goes!!


Anonymous said...

Nice hair! But it didnt turn out lilac right? And why only the sides?
Share the tee you won tonight :)

mustardqueen said...

xen: it's cheaper! And cause I don't wanna ruin the bleached parts by dying it the normal brown colour hahahaha i paid quite a bit to bleach ok! PLAY FIRST lol!! well the lilac was a complete failure. -_- I manage to remove the yellow bleached hair to an ash colour. Really light ash more like white now hahahaah so now wait and see which hair shop sells pink colour or like purple or whatever la then play around =D

anon: wow. this is quite creepy but I guess u were in the same combat class on mondays with me. hahaahahah sorry but I get freaked out when I get anon messages saying things that I did I feel stalked =/ Next time say Hi, I won't bite!!

as for my hair the lilac didnt turn out cause my hair wasn't "white" enough -_- but i cannot afford to bleach it any lighter else my hair would just break off =/ And it's not just the sides actually, it's a layer of hair that is bleached in between 2 layers of hair. Quite complicated but when I tie my hair into half you'll see it's full bleached glory. Hence you can only see the sides bleached when I tie it up. :)

Anonymous said...

Same anon : Dont worry i am not freaky stalking person :) Just shy. Anyway it is nice when you tied it up. And your hair is nice and thick. How do you maintain the thickness? Not dropping caused of all the coloring?
As you can see from above questions, i am a girl so you are safe.

mustardqueen said...

anon: WHY SO SHY!!! Like really I wont bite just say hi the next time k! Just make sure we're not breathless from punching too hard hahahahaha Anyway my hair looks thick and all but it's actually really thin. Like... I have a lot of space when I try to loop it with my thumb and index finger -_- Probably the way it's cut that gives it volume. The bleached hair is indeed a lot more fragile like if I brush it too hard it'll break =/ Well I don't really brush my hair just run it through with fingers :P

Anonymous said...

Still looks very nice. Take some pictures and blog about it :) Sure will have a lot of compliments. Have a great day!