Saturday, May 05, 2012

Pretty Things

wolve headbands: Gallo; bunny: korea; collar: korea; purse: chanel; sequin skirt: zara; bow beaded skirt: asos

pretty things maketh a happy person. Whoever says money can't buy happiness OBVIOUSLY have not seen pretty things =P Gallo is having clearance sale at 70% off storewide. A bit sad though cause I've always liked their stuff just a tad too expensive! But with 70% off, no hesitations involved. I like the thought of having several wolves running amidst my bleached hair or maybe look like I have a pair of golden horns growing out from it. 

I just downloaded Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. I've read and heard amazing reviews about it. Actually wanted to pay to get them until I found free download links. All hail Internet and the electricity. Gonna start it soon after my knee recovers slightly. 

I think I've been training myself too hard as of late that my right knee is giving in. It feels really tight and cracks pretty often. Asked the personnel at fitness store while buying training gloves, he said it's probably cause my knees are adjusting to the pressure I'm putting on them for lifting heavy weights. New PR for barbell squats: 40kg. I can squat with a skinny person on my shoulders, how sick is that? But cause of this mad knee incident, I'll just squat with weight of a 10 year old skinny kid *pedophile mode on*. I do feel myself getting bulkier, not complaining but just need to watch my diet a little. Labour Day tea date got me so happy that I gorge down crazy amounts of sugar. But oh, what's that additional 50grams of sugar when I've cut sugar for weeks. Loving the sore shoulders post weight lifting sessions.*flex biceps* Fingers cross 30DS will work. :)

I'm so excited for the 30 day shred!! I'll be taking progress photos (and will only share POST 30DS) and measurements. We'll see how great this shit is. ;) 

PS: I'll be selling some of my never worn, brand new stuff that I got from Korea soon cause I was a little too confident that I'll fit into them, I'm almost there but some of them are simply too short for me (mind you that I'm 172cm, and they always end right after my butt, I mean I wouldn't mind showing off my new tush post squats, but I don't think the public would appreciate it.) Watch this space k! :)


Anonymous said...

can I know the link?

mustardqueen said...

The link to the clothes? NOt yet!! I haven't even taken the pictures of them! Will definitely post it here once done :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the 30 Days Shred recommendation!! Just started Day 1 of Level 1 and although I have been a pretty regular gymmer, I was literally dead nearly at the end of it! Arms are totally trembling XD

mustardqueen said...

anon: REALLY!??? Haahahahha please share some before after pics! I still haven't gotten into it YET! My knees are still in pain -_- But will try soon!

arius said...

yeah! i gt the cat like headband too. but they charged my bill for the more expensive fox headband. but heck it.. it's 70% off hehehe