Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Updated with recipe below

I am ADDICTED to french toast. Addicted I tell you. I drag myself out of bed for the past 2 mornings because I was craving for french toast. Lady luck wasn't by my side this morning cause I ran out of milk! And yesterday morning I made them with chocolate milk instead (and was fantastic muahahaha). I think from now I'm gonna buy those multigrain breads (or just make myself!) and make french toast out of them.

First picture is normal sandwich loaf french toast with banana, peanut butter and drenched with maple syrup.

Second picture is Carrot loaf (how fucking cool is that!? My mom brought home some and I'm amazed at the texture mmmm) french toast with caramelized banana, orange honey (zest+juice), hazelnuts, dollop of yogurt and peanut butter. So SO good. And what's breakfast without a dash of cinnamon?! :D

I am so happy like... SUPER HAPPY cause it's yummeh :P Told you, just feed me with good food and I'll be happy!! :D

recipe: quite fool proof.

1 egg, beaten
dash of vanilla (trust me, this makes ALL the difference)
a little bit of butter, say 1 teaspoon
3tbs milk (optional, think this makes it more dense and takes longer to make it crispy cause it's a lot more moist, takes longer to crisp it)

on medium low heat, melt butter, soak your bread with beaten egg, and pan fry till golden brown or if you like it crispier I usually turn up the heat almost at the end to crisp things up.

Think I'd prefer multigrain toast compared to the normal sandwich loaf. Taste a lot better. :)


miraZee said...

Hye can you blog about how to make it? Or any other food. You're a good cook and I hope you can share some recipes instead of just telling what you ate.

-sarah- said...

Can you post your french toast recipe pleease :) I feel like I'm doing something wrong because mine are just not tasty!

ms.bulat said...

Thanks for sharing!! Can't wait to do it

mustardqueen said...

mirazee: Updated with recipe! It's just the normal french toast recipe with eggs. If u want you can sugar but cause I'm having maple syrup/honey so I omit the sugar. :) USE BUTTER!!!! :D Taste so much better! I do post recipes of the things I cook, just that I don't post much of cooking =)

sarah: Posted!!! What do you usually put in? I just put eggs and it taste just fine. Or maybe it's just personal preference :)

ms bulat: haha TRY IT! I just bought some wholemeal bread I cannot pronounce hahha GONNA FRENCH EM TOAST!!! :D

ruluwee said...

OMG delish! :)

mustardqueen said...

ruluwee: :D IT ISSSSS hehehehe

-sarah- said...

Thanks!! I'll give it a try with vanilla :) Maybe I haven't been adding enough butter because mine just tastes quite plain.