Friday, June 15, 2012

When in doubt, eat

sorry for the lack of updates. Just that... My life have been pretty much the same. Eat, sleep, work, workout, repeat. Bestie's back and looking prettier than ever damn I miss that woman. I haven't been taking pictures of myself lately cause well, what is there to take!?!?!?!?!?

So much love for my hair. First 2 pictures were taken on the first day fresh off the salon hence more intense colours. It'd faded to paler pink and the blue is just mossy wtf. Pink stays on for ages!!! LOVE!!! Best part is le bestie bought me semi permanent hair dyes of assorted colours! I'm talking about turquoise, lilac, baby pink and shocking pink. So much love. Gonna experiment with different combinations =3 

I kinda like the grainy effect/polaroid filter going on in the frames photo. You gotta experiment around and see what you like!!! Pictures are REALLY deceiving. The food we had were pretty mediocre, apart from the wedges and the pasta, we both loved it. The desserts were quite mehhhhhh, like nothing special. I think I've had better ones considering the price we paid. =/

Bangkok this Saturday. I cannot wait to massage this crazy sore body from all the workouts and hopefully my lower back ache will ease a little from this little getaway. Family trips are the best (apart from ahem all expense paid hahaha) it's the moments we spend together and the food we eat wtf cause when we gather, we get to eat EVERYTHING muahahaha so greedy.

You know the worst thing about PMS apart from breaking out and crazy mood swings and crazy appetite, you bloat. I feel like I'm a fucking whale everytime I PMS and no matter what i do or how clean I eat, I still feel the same. OH WELL, nothing a little dessert won't treat =P Just made 100% pure natural mango sorbet. I'm fucking in love. No sugar added, just pure frozen mango cubes and half a cup of milk. Blend and voila. Enjoy. Ahhh what will I do if there weren't any fitblrs around.

And ladies, after hearing all these crazy robberies/snatch theft/kidnap/human trafficking stories, PLEASE stay vigilant at all times especially when you're alone. GOD I'm so afraid everytime I walk in a car park I look around as if **I** am the robber himself so shifty and sneaky wtf. Please stay safe. Hopefully my combat skills are sufficient to fight if *touch wood* anything happens. Or at least if I'm brave enough to help out la.

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Eve said...

amazing hair!!