Monday, July 02, 2012

Optimism with a broken knee (sorta)

OUTFIT POST! Cause I haven't done one in AGES! And also because I found this new shopping haven at Sg Wang 6th floor!! I didn't know there were hidden gems at that place!!! And they sure don't come cheap if you wanna get better quality pieces.

top: topshop; skirt: topshop; shoes: sportsgirl; bag: miumiu; bangles (l to r): f21, korea, liz lisa, f21

Love my new top. LOVE IT to bits. Got it at full price but I didn't care it was too pretty to not get it!!!! And you know what is the most suay part????? While taking out my stuff to shower at the gym, I have no idea what happened my knee just slammed against the lower locker, stabbed myself on the key and it was bleeding quite badly -_- Lost a small chunk of flesh and got a pretty bad ass bruise -_- While putting on makeup in the changing room, I may or may not have Parkinson and my mascara wand just flew out of my grip and stained my new top! T_____T i was roaming around the streets of KL with a mascara stain T_T

But all these unfortunate events got me thinking that, I might have Parkinsons wtf better things will come.

Anyone has a good brand of eyeliner or mascara to recommend? I've been using the MAC liquidlast liner for the longest time ever since Jean gave me one of hers yonks ago, and after watching Lady First (Taiwan show) saying that even after 3 days of swimming the liner won't go away #truestory but it'll come off when you use oil base remover (phew). I alternate between that and Bobbi Brown's gel liner. Then mascara I'm using Helena Rubinstein (think it's length + volume) in the snake print packaging (i tried the leopard print one before, think that's volume and something else but pretty good) but I think it still smudges after a long day out. PLUS I use eye makeup base so it shouldn't smudge so I think if I don't use the base I'd actually end up looking like a panda by mid day wtf. Really like Maybelline's volume express but still not "smudge proof" enough for me (super oily lids I have). Any recommendations are welcome!!! #makeup junkie haha

And latest update is that I tried washing the mascara stain with cleasing oil, followed by mild soap, ALL CLEAN! So glad!!! See? Optimism comes with the price of a bruised knee and cleansing oil. :D

Mega sales are here. Half my paycheck went to shopping. I'm fucked.


ms.bulat said...

Sorry, can't recommend cause I don't do makeup...:(
I know, that's like "WTH??":(

On a side note, I reallyreally love your top! should be worth the full price!

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

I use Cristine's mascara. Its damn good. Might not available there.
Sorry about that bruises.
Well, I love your style .Its pretty sassy.

Follow each other.

Anonymous said...

always love the way you dress! :D

Anonymous said...

Giorgio Armani n Yves saint laurent got good lengthening mascara, but when it comes to waterproof, Japanese still does it better, so I coat my lashes with Yves saint Laurent for length n another coat of de javu for waterproofing. Hope it helps