Thursday, July 05, 2012


My breakfast during my stay in Bangkok. Best breakfast EVER. I can have whatever the hell I want (that I always eat at home). From cereal to fruit juices to omelets to poach eggs to yogurt.

My favourite is yogurt with granola, walnuts drizzled with honey. They pour the (bottled) honey over the honeycomb, so your honey has little bits of honeycomb in it UNF!!!

Woodfire oven anyone?? CRAZY array of breads to choose from, from white to wholegrain to brioche to croissants. I was in CARBOHYDRATE HEAVEN!!! I am literally committing carbicide (suicide geddit geddit?) every single morning (3 mornings to be exact).

I always start my day with fruits, coffee (just black coffee and milk, no sugar), yogurt, and bread. I think I eat easily 500-700 calories for my breakfast alone!!! But who cares I get so excited when I eat breakfast. It's like my favourite meal of the day! :D Grandpa just commented that my breakfast choices are always so healthy, but damn mafan to prepare (but I only eat fruits/cereal/bread/coffee!). Guess after all this habit is part of a lifestyle now, I don't find it a hassle to prepare my own breakfasts. Besides, what's so hard about cutting up fruits and pouring milk into cereal? Lol.

Did I mention they serve pork in the breakfast buffet as well? Like if this is not breakfast heaven, I'm not sure where is. The leg of ham, charred to perfection, drizzled with spiced pineapple chutney. OOH LA LA! And crispy streaky bacon, heated on top of >200 degree grill to heat things up. Oh god, it goes so well with my ham and cheese egg white omelet. Finish off with carrot juice + dash of milk. I miss that place heaps. The breakfast alone is enough to make me wanting to go back again!! MORE MORE MORE!!!!

signing off,
breakfast junkie


Anonymous said...

Pls pls update ur bangkok holiday. Where u shop! N wat u bought? Pls im dying to know :)

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