Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Selling brand new/pre-loved goodies here. PLEASE help me fund my Melbourne trip? I love you.

Please don't get bored but I really like TWG at Pavilion. My first time was at MBS Singapore, the one located at the bridge near Max Mara. I didn't like it. The macaron I ordered was too sweet, the smoke salmon crepe I ordered in my lunch set was disappointing, my tea was just so-so, my dessert was mediocre.

BUT When I went with le bestie the last time I fell in love with that place!!! Immaculate service, very friendly wait staffs and best of all no wait =P Cause there were only two of us. Ordered the chic hi-tea set cause we're greedy and wanted 3 macarons instead of 2. This is my 2nd time at the pavilion branch and we went for the Black Forest cake. NO REGRETS it was damn good. Instead of layering boozy cherries, they drizzled cherry compote instead. NOM! The cake was moist and fluffy, and the cream. OH the cream, it was made with real vanilla beans (can see the speckles) and the vanilla taste was just so rich, I think they added mascarpone in it too, no way whipped cream could be so dense. But it was a good kind of density, not the usual buttercream that all you can taste is artificial vanilla flavouring. 4 thumbs up from me and the bestie! :D

Croque Imperial - grilled cheese smoke salmon finger sandwiches. Awesome. Wish there were more. 

I remember how a friend once told me, being single is good. it's like a fat kid in an ice-cream store, you can pick whatever flavour you desire. You can try out different flavours and well when it's the right kind, you pay for it and enjoy. Let's just hope my scoop of ice cream promises forever enjoyment. Else it'd be like buying a scoop of "natural" sorbet made from real berry juice, sour and just painful to eat. Incase you're missing out, you haven't been following my twitter have you?

And just today I had crazy session at the gym. I met the cutest instructor I've ever met in my entire  fitness life. Thing is, he is no where to be found in any outlets in Malaysia Singapore HK Indo (yes I went on a crazy stalking fest, I have no shame, he was that cute, and tall. and strong =3).

15 minutes on elliptical alternating between level 19-22 (I don't understand how people can go on level 1)
2 x 30 seconds TRX plank
3 x 20 russian twists with 8lbs medicine ball
3 x 15 toe touches with 8lbs medicine ball
3 x 5kg dumbbell bent-over delt raise
3 x 7.5kg dumbbell bench press

And body pump! I love how training with free weights has increase my strength!! The weights I used for pump is now better than ever! I even used heavier weights than the muscle man in my class =P Proud moment hehehe and I haven't been going for pump for about 2 months. Damn I miss those crazy high rep workouts. 

Warmup weight: 10kg barbell
Squats: 25kg
Chest: 12kg
Tricep: 10kg extensions and presses, 5kg for standing overhead extensions
Lunges: 15kg
Back: 15kg
Bicep: 10kg
Shoulders: 12kg barbell, 2.5kg dumbbells

and you multiply by approximately 100 reps for each workout muahahahahahhahaha *faint*

And just before I step in for classes, there was this dude doing 150kg deadlifts (and be brought his own chalk powder). 3 reps. And then he was adding more weights to aim for the 200kg deadlift. THE FUCK. I feel so weak sitting 10 feet away from him doing 7.5kg dumbbell bench presses. He was deadlifting some what 20 times the weight I was doing. MADNESS. Yes my new aim now is to start deadlifting. Doesn't have to be 200kgs, I would be happy if I can get good form with just 20kgs. :) Exciting, cause I bought new training shorts, in my favourite colour! :D

I think I know what I'll be getting with my first paycheck. NEW TRAINING SHOES :D Nothing excites me more when I step into a store filled with gym gear. I wanna look chic, it gives me more motivation to workout when I look good hehehehehe

Confession, I have been eating too much cake for my own good. Kuih lapis sarawak, carrot cake, you name it. Pineapple tarts? Oh the horror. Need to get back on track for Melbourne. 9 more weeks!!!



christina said...

sigh .... seeing you post abt TWG makes me depressed. wanted to try it when i was back in kl but the bf said it looked too posh as we were in our thongs. -_-"

christina said...

o and thongs = slippers ... not the american version :P

mustardqueen said...

christina: HAHAHHAHHAA well I would have guessed it's the slipper version of thongs unless you guys have secret fetish WTF! hahhah try it when you're back!! It's gooooodddd =D

Lisa Cheah said...

I would happily buy from you, if only you all weren't so small! :D

I'm asian too, but I feel huge! :)

Anyways! Have a great day

mustardqueen said...

lisa: I'm a UK size 12, what small?? hahahahah

Lisa Cheah said...

Well, most stuff you're selling "fits UK 8-10". Havent been a UK 10 in... ever. Haha!


Have a great day!