Friday, August 17, 2012


UPDATE: Not sure how many of you are still reading but no harm!

CLICK HERE TO BUY PRETTY CLOTHES!! :D Promise I won't disappoint, I never disappoint right? :P It's to fund my Melbourne trip this coming october!! The more you buy the happier my trip will become the more posts you'll see wtf!!! So BUY AWAY!! A very good way to use your duit raya too :P

ACME Bar & Coffee, ABC for short. Located at Troika. I had quite a good experience my first time there so decided to bring le bestie there before she flies!!! How I miss our outings together and just eat like there is no tomorrow. Because you know, I think she's the only one who shares the bottomless stomach with the Hoe clan.

Love the glass-house concept, bright light shines through and gives you GREAT lighting for pictures. :) I'd rate prolly a 6 for the food, but a perfect 10 for the toilets wtf!! Have you ever seen a jamban with a big sign "RESTROOM" with LED lights? That's a first! And they have pretty mirrors in the toilet so you must check it out! Value wise, well, expect to pay RM29-45 for pasta (depending on what you order, the duck confit was RM35 and the Aglio Olio was RM29). BUT this salted egg yolk chicken strip is a must order. Think chinese style deep fried salted egg yolk crayfish but chicken version! :P So good.

My favourite picture is definitely the ABC I arranged out of the chicken strips! So happy, brings back my childhood memories! Come to think of it I never had those alphabet pasta soups nor alphabet cereals! =/ My childhood cereal were Honeystar and KokoKrunch! :D I'd soak them till my milk has "flavour" and pretend to have honey milk and chocolate milk! Dutch Lady used to have Honey Milk! WHAT HAPPENED!?

If you are wondering where the rings are from, it's a mixture of mine and hers. Korea, Bangkok, Gallo, River Island and Sg Wang. And yes, my best friend now has ombre hair too. So much love. My hair has gone from unicorn to now grey. I tried dying brown over all my hair but failed miserably it's now a shade of grey (50 shades of grey fml) and it's disgusting! Time to make a trip to yen's! I'm thinking purple but not sure if my new job will approve of it =/ But then again it's advertising/media industry apparently they're pretty chill on these sorta thing.

Things are looking up as of late. I'm starting a new life. I cannot wait. :) They say things happen for a reason and look where I'm heading now! :D


Anonymous said...

Good luck and I sure hope you will blog more

lydia said...

Love the rings, the lighting, and the teddy. All the best ahead! :)

Zoe said...

the cupcake ring is gorgeous! i have a cupcake ring too but not as elegant as this!

pj said...

awwww the rings are so cute!