Saturday, September 22, 2012


Karma bites back like a bitch. I could not have agreed more.

You should have known better. :)


Work has started and I'm into my 4th week already!!! (one more week till payday! \O/ ) :O:O:O So fast!! So far work's been fun, great colleagues (and knowing how small this world is, it is damn small!) just not too great with the rather pricey lunches and parking rates. *sigh*

Just a quick note to inform you guys that, well, I won't be updating a lot here, unless there are cool things happening. Else, to hear my daily rants and see pretty pictures, here's my Twitter and Instagram (mustardqueen) account.

I am just not so comfortable with exposing my life and thoughts on a public blog, it feels weird to be working and suddenly someone came up to me hey I know you. Work is work, play is play. It's a price to pay to grow up, and I'm all for it.

What else? I love my office cause I really get to wear whatever I want as long as it's comfortable and not too revealing (yeay shorts!). Best part it's so close to where I live. To be able to skip the crazy morning traffics? Sign me up.

Excited about October cause, there will be HEAPS happening just in the first week. :D (also pay day wtf).

I find it so hard to balance life and work and gym and health. It's like when I work I don't get to eat the "healthiest" things and I gym a lot lesser. =( The only time I trash myself is during Sunday when I workout the most till I am so so so fatigue I feel like dying. Weekdays it's either I'm too tired or wrong timing for classes or well, pure lazy. I must beat this bad bad bad habit. The best thing I could do to make myself feel better is to play with dumbbells while I surf the net at home :P

And just some little things of life that I feel so grateful about, to be able to be in contact with someone I was once so so so dear with but she left 10 years ago to Dublin. Reunited. Feels so good. I think this is one of the greater weeks that I have had in a long long time. I feel genuinely happy that things turned out the way it did, I feel so happy for her that she is now happily married and have a stable job and just seem like she's never left me, but she's living a better life. There is indeed a kind of happiness is feeling happy for people. To see people around you having good things happening to them, it gives you this sense of satisfaction. You feel it too. Ahhh... As for my own happiness, I seek it in the weirdest form. Like buying jewelry on special promotions and having hot chocolate despite the fact that the chocolate is a week past expiry date and I'm lactose intolerant, it was just that good. =p I find happiness in painting my nails in coral hues or maybe playing with makeup. Finding new clothes to wear, and just reminisce good old times. Or maybe having a super syok bowl of laksa and nasi dagang (oh god this just happened this morning *slurp*)

Oh life, you are one tricky little mother fucker that I love.


erv said...

hi babe!

glad to know that you're doing well! I was thinking you don't update as frequent due to work. I stalk this blog very frequent and yet no update :(

Yes, it's time to separate work and play. like seriously.

and no. your seeking of happiness is not in the weirdest form. lols. we seek happiness in different forms :))

catch up soon!!

lots of love & hugs

Sherlyn said...

Don't forget about me this tiny reader too! I blog much lesser once I started working too. Totally understand the "weird feelings". But we will definitely miss ur updates! So update more k? Here's ma twitter too :) @sherlynlicious