Thursday, October 11, 2012

Current obsession

I'm really really into nails lately. I just feel the need to have pretty nails ALL THE TIME!!! Spent an obscene amount on new nail colours and a good set of gel nails inspired by Japanese nail art (I followed this nail salon on Instagram and everything is gorgeousssss) so I stole their idea here and there and recreated my own set! :D Gold dome studded and pearl encrusted nails I have. And the glitter is so shiny!! Downside is, the gold stud fades quite quickly so it's now silver-ish.

I can't believe how time just flew by! I'm into my new job for 1.5 months already!!! And yes that is a picture of me with shiny brows cause I'm hipster like that. Ordinary brows are too normal so I got em glitterified. Well it was for an event, so fun! 

And the next thing I know is I'll be boarding my flight to Melbourne! It's next Friday how SOON is that!?? So you still have a week more to help me fund my trip!!! CLICK HERE TO BUY PRETTY THINGS!!!

You know you love me. As you can see I have a slight obsession with nail colours, turquoise, twin towers, pigs and animal prints. Fishies included, I miss those biscuit stalls in the wet market (SS17 to be exact!) that sells heaps of varieties of biscuits, all stored in brass metal tins with a square see thru plastic to pick your favourite! My favourite was the mini round biscuits with colourful icing, butter squares, sugar crumpet croutons (so atas lor I made it sound, it's actually crouton with butter and sugar but so yummy :3) and the fishy biscuits! Of course the western country does it better by adding cheddar *weak in the knees*

You know I feel so bad that I now grocery shop at Aeon cause it's near my office, like damn near. And I'd say it is pretty expensive to eat healthy. =/ I spent RM100+ on groceries which would last me like, a week or so. =/ It's the fruits I tell you!! RM10 for a box a strawberries =( Freaking seedless grapes are RM19 per kg!!! MADNESS but they are so good. Current favourite is apple + peanut butter sandwich. I should name it ApBC! Apple + peanut Butter + Cinnamon. So so yummy.

Not sure how "clean" the peanut butter is but at least there is no sugar in it! :D Ooo I haven't had cake for some time. Maybe it's about time to go grab a slice. mmmm... I love food, too much.


LavenderFloret said...

whats's the name of that glittery nail polish? i've got an obsession with glittery nail polish too! the one that looks lik a galaxy is soooo cool haha

i tried one called TINS during a mani-pedi and it was quite awesome, but couldn't find where to buy it!

Anonymous said...

You can get ultra cheap fruits at the sec 17 market! Strawberries are something like RM 15 for 2 boxes (7.50 each) or RM 8 for 1 box! I loove that market :D