Friday, December 28, 2012


I often confuse myself. Deja Vu and Nostalgia, are they the same thing? If they are both different why do I feel the same way? It's as if I am reliving the moment back when I was still in Melboune 2 years ago and now. When I look back at the photographs, I get this rush of nostalgia, but at the same time it's as though I'm living in that moment, over and over again. 

I do think I was happiest when I was back in Melbourne. At the very same time, I was at my loneliest of all points in life. 

Sorry for not updating. Things have been moving around so quickly that the world ended and we survived and before you say STOP it changes again. And before I get to update anyone the moment came and gone and poof it became Koko Krunch wtf. 

Life has been good. So is myself and rest of the world. We survived end of the world, now we are all reborn.


Sherlyn said...

I miss ur bloggggg pls update more okkk? ;)

xiang yun said...

I love the pictures especially the first one cos you're smiling like you mean it! :) happy reborn wtf.. you know, since we survived the end of the world and stuff. /lame

Anonymous said...

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