Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Judge Me

Today I want you to leave a comment on what you think about me.

Whether I am this insecure girl who's all about fitness but binges on cookies all day long, or this self absorbed materialistic person with not a single hair out of place, perpetual bitch face, or I am this angelic person who has the heart of of a saint.

I know in person I look very intimidating (cause of my height and my perpetual bitch face, SORREH CANNOT HELP IT), but really, if you were to see me and judge me by this cover, how'd you judge me?

This would be a clear awakening of how people perceive of me, and how I can change myself for the better. Maybe I can smile more when I meet new people, or seem less "too friendly". No offense taken, but acceptance. :) JUDGE!!!!


christina said...

You are interesting to read coz your life seems so colourful and eventful (hint: blog more:p). You got it at intimidating, i think i would be quite shy and scared to come up to say hi if there was ever the chance.

Anonymous said...

I think you underestimate yourself too much.
You're trying to be comfortable in your own skin, still finding yourself (and in this sense, I think you & I are alike). We just need to break through a very negative bubble that keeps us imprisoned.
You have a streak of art talent in you, you're a mix of classy & funk at the same time and I know you have a lot more to offer the world. It's in you.
You wrote somewhere that you want to be more forgiving. To forgive, we must first learn to forgive the ones who hurt us deeply, a long long time ago.

Anonymous said...

I think you care too much of what people think of you? Cos y u no post more pictures of yourself :( You are special in your own way :D Your taste in fashion, braidy hairstyles and photography skills are awesome!! Stop doubting yourself :)

~思情燕语~ said...

frankly say, i am just an ordinary human like you. Not a judge in court. not even a "god" thing.

When you ask a question like this. You are lack of confident. Or you want to know how other ppl think about you??

Easy,upload a photo of Before and after.. then we can give u a lot of comment about your outlook...

Maybe you have to communicate more with us...then later on... will show..

Happy New year!!

Anonymous said...

you're someone with an interesting and beautiful life :) i have seen you once in monash with your sister and to be honest, you're someone who would make heads turn and stare for a few seconds. but i didn't go up to say hi to you because you don't seem to be smiling a lot or friendly!

Post more pictures of yourself. everyone is beautiful in their own way :)

have a great year ahead :D

Anonymous said...

Pushes yourself to the limit.
Great cook.
Not afraid of failing.
Doesn't give up.
Tall (in a good way).
Very willing to try new things.

Unfortunately, all these traits are wrapped in a sheer very thin layer of low self confidence. Unwrap yourself, maybe? :)

popcorng said...

I think you are a very fashionable lady with a sense of aesthetic, humour and persistency.

I struggle with same issue - bitch face, weight issues, lack of wardrobe storage lol..

I adore your blog and hope you won't stop!

Say yo to your sisters, I am jelly of your closeness =)))

gajah She said...

i think you're sweet, friendly and more sincere as a friend. But you do smile a lot, so I don't see why that's a problem. there are a lot of haters out there, but always remember there are people who love you as you are. Blog more Teenie! :)

Anonymous said...