Saturday, April 13, 2013

1820: Thoughts of a 22 year old

Random thoughts and random happenings.

1. As much as I'm trying not to be superstitious and all, I do believe in Astrology. Not to the extend that I trust that crap whole heartedly, but at most times when the predictions are out, it serves as a guideline. Because well, things will NEVER happen if you don't work for it. Things have been rather accurate as predicted how I'll be involved in a lot of social gatherings, and I am actually liking it. You get to know so much about people, you learn new things, you share stories, you just receive more (like free meals haha). It still is better than staying in my own room and dwell in my sad sad past.

2. I love berry weetbix. It is, heavenly.

3. Something major happened earlier this month. And I am happier than ever!! Because it involved ME looking better. Post to follow up on that.

4. I love timtams. I took the plunge and dipped into peanut butter. Nope, no feels. Original is still the best.

5. Joining the Standard Chartered 10km run this 30 June. Been starting to run a little more. 17km last week. None this week.

6. Starting to really believe in the saying "those with the widest smile, often hides the deepest scar". It may be hard to fake a smile some times, but when you see/experience something really funny, you cannot help but to really laugh it out loud. Really good feeling. I'm so happy that I found people who are like these that, we gather around, eat, and just laugh at the randomest of things.

7. Had my heart broken by the same person. Shame on me.

8. Developed a slight fetish for watches. still looking for one, currently eying this one.

9. Feels that writing in point form is so much easier for reading.

10. Spent another obscene amount on sports gear, but feels so good. My running shorts collection is now larger than my pyjama shorts + going out shorts combined. I kid.

11. I hate this whole flu weather thing. I've been coughing/having sore throat for the past month. Shouting while punching during combat didn't help either. But you know, shouting during combat just makes it THAT much more fun.

12. My Instagram is filled with pretty pictures. Y U NO FOLLOW?

13. Have you ever met someone and thought to yourself that "hey let's live together forever?"

14. I''m quite tired of life. But at the same time, it's been passing by so quickly that, before I could get tired of it, it's another day. Oh well, life's tough. If I'd want it to be easy, I'd have jumped off a building.

15. THINK POSITIVE THOUGHTS. <- all="" been="" every="" for="" getting="" i="" know="" never="" p="" positive="" practicing="" since="" that="" thinking="" this.="" underestimate="" ve="" want="" what="">
16. I'm out of thoughts. I'm a little hungover from too much red last night that, I went to bed reek of alcohol (even after shower! yeap, i showered when i'm drunk high five to that) and my face as red as lobster.

17. Life has been good nonetheless. I'm really loving it.


Anonymous said...

Keep writing you! It has been so long and you are not allowed to retire from blogging yet!
22 only ma

Ling said...

randomly sending you some love :) cheer up! :)