Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How far would you go for Beauty?

Not sure if you guys remember but I wrote a post on how you should appreciate yourself, and how everyone is beautiful in their own way. (read here!).  I'm fine with how I look and I'm comfortable with how I look. But if given a chance, I know i'd surely give it a shot (pun intended here).

I've always been insecure about my nose, and my very strong jaw (cause I eat, a lot. hence chew, A LOT, and so my jaw muscles are just bigger than normal human beings). If you didn't already know, my photos are always, photoshopped. Call me insecure or whatever, but if I wanna display a side of me to the world, I'd put out my best front right?

Here's a rather recent picture of me, smiling really widely, right after devouring the world's best creme brulee in Zhuhai (January)

I thought to myself how "The Secret" actually works. I've been contemplating to check out aesthetic clinics and actually go for consultations. I was just secretly hoping you know, maybe one fine day I'd be able to try it out! I guess god heard my prayers.

Things got serious when I received an email from Beverly Wilshire to attend a rountable discussion/media preview for their new clinic located at Tropicana City Mall. Beverly Wilshire is licensed by the Ministry of Health Malaysia; and comprises of registered and board-certified plastic surgeons, highly skilled specialists, the industry’s leading technologies, and world class facilities (like the latest FDA-approved medical equipment).

I had a fairly short conversation with Dr Wong (my Doctor in change for le day) because well, I knew what I wanted, he knew what to do, et voila - Off I go into treatment room. Basically, I listed my concerns regarding my strong jawline and my bulbous nose which I cannot do much about, but Dr Wong suddenly looked at me and say "We can do something about it". And he suggested some fillers on the bridge, a little on the tip of my nose and a little on the philtrum (the part between nose and upper lip) to make my nose appear higher and longer. I couldn't visualize how it'd work to actually "lift" it up but I thought "I'd just leave it to the experts". They know best!

And as for my jaw, Dr Wong suggested a little fillers on my chin to make my face appear longer and sharper (V-shape face anyone?) and Botox on  my jaw. Common myth about Botox is that your facial muscles will not be able to move, it is used to stop wrinkles formation by preventing your muscles to contract, hence preventing new lines forming. BUT another thing you can do with Botox is to actually "shape" your face. So Botox was injected into my jaw to "relax" the muscles, to make it appear less prominent, creating a smaller jawline.

Both a YAY and YAY for me. :D


 Pardon my face. I was scared, a little confused and was just excited of what's about to come!!!

Jacqueline (Dr Wong's assistant) kindly removed my makeup (cept for the eyes, yes I am vain like that!) and applied numbing cream on parts that were to be injected (Nose, Jaw and Chin). And after approximately 20 minutes (yes, I was almost slurring after 20 minutes cause you know, my nose and entire jaw's numb), Dr Wong then pricked a little hole on the tip of my nose (I teared, because it did hurt a little so he can then inject the fillers (Juvederm).

FYI: Fillers are collagen, also known as Hyaluronic Acid that are injected into the skin layers (right above the bones actually). It can be done on your face to make it look fuller/firm or in my case, a new nose bridge!


 Can you see the difference. CAN YOU? I was in awe when I saw my new nose bridge in the mirror! (this was before injecting fillers on my nose tip and philtrum) but the bridge. :D (pardon the face haha)

My nose DID appear to be smaller and "sharper" at the tip.

Next up, JAW!!
 Excuse the face, I just had a 4 inch long needle jabbed right into my chin. CALL ME CRIMSON CHIN haha. And Dr Wong portioned the Botox to 5 parts to evenly spread out around the jaw area, so that when it takes effect, it's not so drastic but rather subtle changes.


Wen came back from Sydney and asked why did I lost so much weight wtf cause my face is a lot smaller!! (prior to my treatment, apparently my face seem smaller too according to a gym member =3 ) I did notice obvious size changes in terms of my jaws. And I showed a picture of my face to le bestie and she DID notice my higher and smaller nose.

I took some selfies couple of hours post treatment. I like it. Really.

 picture taken post workout - hence no makeup/sports attire.

How wonderful is THAT!?

It is now almost 3 weeks since my visit to Beverly Wilshire. And I was just reading an article on how you can reduce the size of your jawline to make your face appear smaller. As I clench my jaw to try to "ease" the muscles, there is almost NONE of it left #TRUESTORY !! You know how when you bite your teeth the muscles on your jaw just pops us (like how you flex those biceps lol). Is that miracle or what!!

And you know what's the best part? These may be enhancements of beauty, but the best part is actually boosting my confidence that, I feel that I look better. I always believe in putting your best front forward. It's just like dressing up. You are dressing up for yourself and your self esteem not for someone else. If you think that you look good, you just carry that positive aura around you - it's call confidence.

Looking forward to my follow-up session this Friday. Jacqueline was so nice to schedule a follow-up session (ahem touch-up wtf) with Dr Wong to make sure everything is A-OKAY.

I'm pretty sure there are heaps of question going through your mind:

Will you do it again? Yes. Definitely. As much as I want to try anything once, reconstructive surgery is just too, major. I don't think I'll go under the knife. But needles? Anytime. Besides, it's a "lunch-hour procedure". My entire session took me maximum 45 minutes (5 minutes remove makeup, 20 minutes numbing cream to take effect, injection about 15 minutes)

Is it painful? Yes and No. Yes was at the initial prick (post numb cream). But i'd say it hurt a lot less than tattoo. And while injecting fillers and botox (mind you I had 5 injections on each side of my jaw, it was painless) it didn't hurt a single bit.

Is it costly? I did not request a full price listing of services that they offered. But Dr Wong did gave me an estimation on my treatments. For fillers on the nose (bridge, tip and philtrum), it'd cost approx. RM1800 and as for Botox + fillers for jaw and chin, it'd cost approx RM1800 as well. Prices may vary based on different services. For a full listing of products and services click here.

Will I not be able to show any expressions post-botox? It depends on the dosage you request for. The doctors are really experienced and they will know what's suitable for the results that you want to achieve. often times, people opt for full dosage to make full use of their money, and end up looking like a frozen barbie. My nose and chin were a little sore post fillers, but my jaw (post botox) was absolutely fine, I was still able to eat, chew, drink, talk and laugh (like a Hyena).

How long will it last? Results vary. I was told that it'll last some where between 6-9 months. Some even up to 12 months! 

But why!? Why not?

You can surf their WEBSITE to research more about their services and establishment.

Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre
Level 8 & 9, Dijaya Plaza, No. 237,
Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2118 2888
Fax: +603-2118 2822

Beverly Wilshire Clinic
Lot L1-03, Level 1,
Tropicana City Mall,
3, Jalan SS20/27,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E
Tel: +603 7725 8890
Fax: +603 7725 8891


Also, if you've been tearing your head apart thinking of what to get your mommy for Mother's Day?? Why not try their Skin Rejuvenation Treatment at only RM690 (N.P. RM1000).


Michelle Ng said...

I would do it! If cost is not a factor :p

Anonymous said...

do you know how much for consultation? because i wanna do something for my skin, but i donnno if i can commit to the price :[

mustardqueen said...

Do check with them as they have promos every month. Pretty sure they are willing to give out free consultations as well. The last I checked one consultation costs approximately RM120.

Alan Abraham said...

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Teng Yan Yau said...

Hello mustard queen,

Thanks for sharing your experiences on Botox and fillers.

I write for a site at Cosmerience where people share their reviews and photos on cosmetic treatments in Asia.

I'm keen to collaborate with you - please drop me a line at!

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