Wednesday, May 15, 2013


12 hours flight; 6 hours time difference; 6 countries; 9 cities; 50 hours of bussing around, 24 rest stops, 298472983 croissants, 32943288 gelato, 2 basilicas, 5 cathedrals, numerous rivers and bridges later. I am back.

Europe, was as beautiful as I expected it to be, but better. It was more grand, more magnificent, and bigger than I've ever imagined. There were times when all I wanted to do was to get lost in cities I've never been to, and just busk under the sunlight or rain drops. Roam around streets that seem so foreign but at the same time, all these old thoughts started rushing in. It's as though I've been to these cities, it'd definitely be a place I will return, be it with my family or with my beloved one. Traveling has always been one of my favourite things to do. Do you actually "do" travel? I love the feeling of packing your bags and just disappear from everything once in a while. You, stranger, me, and everyone else. You don't know anyone, but yet you get to know so much about them just by observing them; on the streets, the way they eat their bread, the way they like their breads and what they eat it with. And then there were big big buildings in big cities. It humbles you. It makes you feel small, like a speckle of dust in the universe. You realize the world is so big that, if you'd ever get lost, just maybe you will never find your way back. It sends me thrills just thinking about it. This trip will never be successful without my wonderful family around me. If there is one thing I could change? It'd be to freeze time. Just so I can spend more hours in the cities, and just stand still at that one moment. Life is so many kinds of wonderful. And then I am back. 

Exciting things ahead. Europe? It's just the beginning. Watch out world, I'm gonna conquer you one day. :)


Anonymous said...

nice outfit! love the look
where did u get that dress?


mustardqueen said...

H: Thanks! Got it from Asos.