Sunday, July 21, 2013


I think I am just... more active on Instagram instead of my blog. I don't update much on Instagram as well, but just my meals, my nephew and some random stuff. I am addicted to that shit, and don't really care how many followers I have la. I am happy there are that few who appreciates my work :) 

Super addicted to Instavideo!! I just hate the fact that everytime my phone auto lock, the camera can't restart!! And all my effort and hardwork GONE! -_-

my nails are always my favourite thing to go on instagram just cause my manicurist is next level awesome :D

Started training for my Mount Kinabalu trip and I gotta tell you. Long way to train up the stamina =/ WORK HARD!!!!!!! :D

Did I also mention that... I love pancakes? :P

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Anonymous said...

mt kinabalu u said? make sure u're wearing comfortable shoes
my bro made his climb last year, came back with 10 purple toe nails.
few of them fall of after a week.

dont worry, they grow back fast
but i think u might want a head up since ur into nail polishes :D
good luck!


clarice said...

lovely moments!!

sgrmse. said...

which nail salon do you go to? :D

Ania said...

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