Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I issa italliano

I am fucking hungry. After having dinner on Sunday night before my flight, I had nothing but a few Halls in the plane and a super small bowl of instant noodles for dinner on MONDAY night T__________T I was starving like mad I went to sleep T_T

Then now I'm still starving cause I didn't have any food was too lazy to go grocery shopping so Im going later T_T IF NOT I CANNOT SURVIVE LA T_T OMG I want cheesecake T_T

and the best thing I know this time my grocery bags won't be so heavy cause... NO MEAT!! :D Just fresh juicy vegetables mmmmm T_______T

Our last GNO before I left to Melbourne. T_T Went D'Italiane Kitchenat Jaya 33. At first I was DAMN reluctant to go there cause I wanted more atas place (cause Jing lost the bet HEH so she will be treating us and take advantage of her MUAHAHAHAHA)

Atas places as in the deco is more fancy like how we dress... HAHAHAHA I think... Nothing is as fancy as how we dress unless it's a ball wtfffffff

*stomach growls* <-- happened while blogging so must include T_T

This is call "Anything but the kitchen sink" means they use all the "leftovers" and don't pour into the sink or so I interpret it :P And it's a mixture of bueberries, raspberries and strawberries!!!!

It's so gooooooooddddddd!!! I like how the concoction tasted like smoothie/yogurt. I LOVE it when my smoothie tastes like yogurt!! <-- now a convert of yogurt <3

Honey Chamomile. Didn't try it but it sounds very "ZEN" wtffff...

Garlic bread... Crispy and Chewy, filled with garlic goodness :D

Cream of Tomato and Pumpkin. Not very strong taste of pumpkin but it blends really well with the tomato, slight sour tang but complements the sweetness of the pumpkin :D

Jing's chicken risotto. EH I CAN COOK THIS ONE ALSO u pay me 5 aud i cook for u la :D

Manny's Angel Hair Scallopine with rocket leaves on top. Didn't try also but fro what they say it's a bit dry.

And i didn't try a lot of things cause I'm on meat fast and everyone in the HOE household is sick wtf... better sick now then wait till the H1N1 virus mutate right T_T If not I'll turn into Mutated Mustard. In short, Musted wtf.

MINE! Caesar salad with no turkey slice T_T I like it cause the lettuces are so so fresh, but the crouton is not dry enough. AND I like the poach egg in the form of a sunny side up :P NO oil added :D

discodisco :P


HEEHEE big ass picture... :D

see she kena con cause I can make that for her also WTFFF

Like my headband like my headband??? :D:D:D:D It's the most expensive headband I've ever had in my entire life but its so prettttttyyyyyyyyyy :)

Kena sepak by the restaurant cause it was 11 -_- WHO CLOSES AT 11 NOWADAYS!? -_-

SO off to coffee bean cause they close at 11.50 wtf

me. I think my arms are gona look super chaocheebye long if there's no flesh/fats. cause I try liquifying it to damn skinny and it looks as long as my legs what is this -_-

prolly some mundane topic going on

act chio but not chio HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

jiang wang ye WTF hahahahaha please watch You're My Destiny and you'll know, that show is damn good :D

stupid la try to kiss me make my double chin come out T_T

klakla i sayang back wtf

shit my side profile damn ugly... -_- Tyra confirm kick me out if I;m in a competition wtf

with Jing the confused fortune teller.

WHEEE let's hop...

kick you :P EH MY LEGS OMG CAN YOU SEE THE MUSCLE!! The line on my leg used to kick Jing wtf... FUIIYOH gengness...

ok end of story. I'll be living this life again in another 12 days :D HAPPY MOU :D:D:D:D:D


Jing said...


Eh loveee, your most exp headband is from Miu Miu okay! *breaks down and cry* Can i pweese steal sometimes? *use bulu to seduce u WTF*

Pong said...

jing looks bit different ey *referring to her 1st pic after the foods pic (:* hehe .. she looks more mature there .. ;)

so nice to see the three of u having fun *envy* .. but wondering u guys never bring ur brother ey?.. must be cute if ur brother join too .. hehe ..

oh btw, mustardqueen .. i noticed u din post ur outfit l8ly .. :(

Where Rainbow Ends . . said...

OMGGG ting. my first impression after going through all the pictures(withouth reading anything) was "i know this place...seems soo familiar!" !!!!!

and then i baruuu read and then MEMANG familiar pun please!HAAHAHHA because its so blardy near to my hse. helloooooooo. hahahahaha d-uh. hahahaha

is jaya 33 very famous aaaaa? ppl frm around the world seems to go there for food man!

and muaaaah, who lives very near like 5 goddamn minutes away frm jaya 33 never go there and eat!only grocery shopping wtf? hahahahahahahahaha

n yr headband is purrrrrrddyyyy!:D :D :D :D

Joshua said...

Jing: WHAT BULU, hahahah sounds damn wrong

Ting: :D Remind me to bring your gloves.

mustardqueen said...

jing: AHHAAHAHAHAHA eh use the fringe bag to seduce me la i dun wan ur bulu later dunno from where jengjengjeng hahahahah and omg i totally forgotten about my miumiu headband HAHA!!

Pong: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I thought u meant like she got fatter after food WTF cause you say the after food pics wtfff and you know why we didnt bring our brother?? He's too young to participate in our convos and sometimes our GNO conversations sorta involves my brother hahahahahahah and listening to much of our convo might turn him gay wtf

where rainbow ends: WHOA ur name so panjang now -_- hhahaha eh omg ar i didnt know jaya 33 has so many food places!!!! you should go venture around when you have time I think it'll be quite fun :D and yeah maybe grocery shopping after your lunch/dinner/breakfast/supper there =PPP

josh: hahahahaha OK! :D