Sunday, July 26, 2009

So Long Farewell

my nail broke today T______________________________________________T

My middle finger nail BROKE today T________T

In less than 12 hours time (note melbourne time is 2 hours ahead) I'll be embracing fresh air and unpacking my shit T_T URGH i wanna skip lecture!! it's at 4pm and I'm SO SO SO skipping tute haha =PPPPP And I need to get groceries -_-

And catch up on sleep.

it's the same feeling, bath, dinner and off to airport. Like a stab right to your hear, it'll be quick and painless. Then I'm off.

To live my second life.

Berwick awaits. See you in 4 months time, or maybe a coupla days extra =P And the best thing to look forward to is the sisters' visit. :) Notice the apostrophe AFTER the 'S'. :D

high teas and dancing, we're gonna get high on Stephen Chow movies and squeezing in my 3X4 room!! :D

Till then.


YiNKy said...

i was sleeping when u sms-ed.

.........i'm missing u di. :(

Jing said...


See you in two weeks my loveee! <3