Saturday, July 11, 2009


I feel like i've been VERY very very very VERY lazy these days, not cause of the weather or anything, but just purely LAZY (also cause I'm FEMESSSS I go out everyday WOOT)

Had some super "Zen" session with mother and sisters yesterday, had full body massage for 1 and a 1/2 hours, and followed by super zen japanese lunch at Tropicana (heh just so you know I issa no tropicana member but I go there more often than you wtf cause my beloved stays there :P)


Maybe that's why I slept so well last night... T_T

Anyway, I think I've lost the sense of blogging (ya tuhan I always say that) but this time, I'm just feeling very lazy cause whatever you read here, you read it in sisters blogs, cause they ALWAYS hog the computer, and I have no chance to heavily PS resize and colour correct my pictures

5 hours of Karaoke session!!!

I went to 3 sessions in the span of a week!!!!

I can now sing like Mariah Carey wtf


makeup haven't oxidize so loook very ah kua -_-

kaka's sampat new shoes =P

karaoke partners :D:D:D:D:D When will be the next session huh?? =D

must be one of the 124878934697 jay chou's song we sang that day T_T

Because I wanna wear pants =P

"tai kong ming" singlet wtf: Sportsgirl
Floral Pleat Shorts (actually playsuit folded to half): Bangkok
Shoes: Vincci
Necklace: Coco is Dead
Turban Headband: Bangkok
Ring: Diva

my favo necklace now =DDD Wearing it everyday cause I like :P

I know u miss my cb face <3

look so fucking chan after 5 hours karaoke and 4 hours atas dinner T_T I want my eyeliner back la sister took it for that day and I'm down with the smudgy MAC liner pot thingy T_T

I will try to buck up and blog about my bkk purchases which, all of you are dying to see, and also the only thing that you wanna see but my cibai face T_T


wan said...


what eyeliner do you use that doesn't smudge?
i've been looking for one for sooooo long already!


Cindy Khor said...

u really did slim down a lot... miss those days where me and me friends sing k... sigh, u really are bringing me back to pass emo memories.. T__T

Anonymous said...

yes please do share your brand of eyeliner used =)

mustardqueen said...

wan: MAC liquidlas liner. oil base so it doesnt smudge at all, but if your eyes produces oil then it might melt a little on ur upper lids, so just put a little eyeshadow before applying lor :)

cindy: yessss =((( and im leaving in anoter 2 weeks =(((( hate that feeling.. summore all e ppl will be leaving e next time I come home T_T

anonymous: MAC!!

B said...

Oh wow.. you looked gorgeous and did slim down a looottt!!