Saturday, July 25, 2009


I'm leaving tomorrow night.


Like tomorrow night, the night after tonight, means one more night sleeping with my bolster...

OH SHIT must remember to bring back piggy if not I cannot sleep T_T


After procrastinating/not doing anything for the past one whole month, I woke up at 9am, wanting to pack.

And ok la not a lot of things that I wanna bring back cause I still have a lot of clothes and shoes back in Melbourne and I have more toiletries than clothes to bring back WTF

I need to show face wan you know hahahahah my face is like, my punca rezeki WTF! CORRECT MA, I show face here that's why you read if not you won't know who's blog you reading jengjengjeng *mysterious*

and I'm not looking forward to errr lug my luggage back to the campus after shuttle bus ride and long train ride and walk back to the campus and LUG it upstairs and unpack.

omg. unpack.

I sorta emptied my room last semester and I have another 2 huge luggage and a redwhiteblue bag and 3 boxes. *gulp*

Maybe I'll do some scheduled posts cause erm I DUN HAVE PHOTOSHOP REMEMBER! T_T

Taking one day break from Guan Yin Ma tomorrow and have ALL the meat I want. BAK KUT TEH here I come <3

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Cindy Khor said...

i can understand how you feel, leaving home and going back to the far away place where we have the obligations to finsih whatever we have to finish. just stay tough my gal..