Sunday, September 06, 2009

Virtual Vacation

After tuesday I'll have exactly 4 weeks to hand in 3 assignments. 2 being marketing assignments and weighs 30% of my entire assessment (!!!!) and 10% one for accounting. Siao. Guess imma start with the accounting one first and maybe Consumer Behaviour. (cbcbcbcbcbcbcbcbcbcbcbccbcbcbcbcb!!)

Corporations Law due on Tuesday and I'm still quite lost I just wanna get it done and over with =((((((

At the mean time I'll just have some virtual vacation till my Brisbane trip comes.


I wanna get a tan :D:D:D:D:D

mad cute images frm (it's damn CHAT cute)

according to the makeup artist my face is much darker than my neck(FML) so I think I'll tan myself covering the face and just tan from body downwards haha!!

And my ever white legs which has become so so so white (scary corpse like white) must go for a tan!!!! I wanna go to tanning parlour!! :P

And I am in need of bathing suit. Seafolly or Jets by Jessika Allen? :D Or just get it from asos but I cannot try on T_T


Vivien T said...

Seafolly! Their bandeaus are tres cute!

Ah fuck I want her boday T_T

-sHeiLa- said...

hi, im one of your reader and is currently at Brisbane. so when will you be coming? during your 1 week holiday?

mustardqueen said...

vivien: yah i know i love the swimsuits from seafolly and i need her boday first in order to wear their swimsuit wtf life is unfair T_T

sheila: HI hi!! yeah im going there during mid sem break for 4 nights, any place to recommend? :D