Thursday, October 29, 2009

25.8°C but it feels like 24.2°C

Nothing beats an attempt/effort to sleep earlier hoping to wakeup with clearer skin. Because I was told that the skin rests from 11pm to 4am, 12am at its peak. And that sleeping at 3.41am everynight leaving the skin only having 19 minutes of rest, is not doing me very good. Dull skin, pimply, breakouts, as compared to last semesters's rosy pink skin with minimal impurities. I blame sleeping late. Forecasted to shower at late afternoon, I am glad. Days have been so humid and hot but yet not sweating frustrates me. It's like life in a ghetto cell, with a bed, a toilet and a fan. Just a fan, no air-conditioner, Oh wait there is a heater but yea just a fan. A fan father bought when he was here approximately 9 months ago. Now if only the cool weather would come back. Because I am uninspired to wear florals out on a sunny spring day, and will be wearing black and white just because I am not feeling floral-ly. Remember's yesterday's emptiness? It was filled. I fill it with half a "mooncake" which is sweetened winter melon pastry or some may call it loupohbing, half because it was mixed with sesame seed, not the crust, but the filling. It was disgusting and I ate it for the sake of filling in the emptiness but the filling was disgusting I threw it away. And continue binging on hongkong beef stew instant noodles. I surprise myself with the amount of instant shit I have in the kitchen cupboard and how spontaneous I can be in baking random things for myself. Brownies was a success, egg tarts was half success half disaster as I did not poke holes on the pastry, but the egg part was good. Cornflake cookies was a success but chocolate chip cookies were disastrous, it was burnt to almost ashes. I think I need to start looking at recipes and bake.

the purpose of this post is just to tell you that despite the love for sunny weather, I am not liking it in the room, so stuffy, and all I have is a fan. =(