Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wakeup in the morning feeling like P-Diddy

Ever had this feeling, waking up from a not so good sleep, but you're so tired you just prefer to lie on the bed and let time pass. Minute by minute, though the blue skies peeking through the blinds, birds are chirping for you to get up, but it wasn't a good sleep. You refuse to wake up till you feel rejuvenated. Back aches from free lumpy pillows from Target, 180 denier sheets that exfoliates skin, what's worst is you got a cut on you ankles, which ache like a running blade through your skin. And fresh laundry hanging on the rack waiting to be folded neatly and put back into messy cupboards and be all wrinkly and crumple again like it was never before washed. But the scent, the strong scent of detergent, so strong, it puts a smile on everyone's face, because someone should make a perfume out of the scent of Dynamo, everyone would be more than pleased to smell like freshly wash laundry. But all is that leads to emptiness, not the heart and soul, but the stomach. It's calling out, like a wolf''s howl, the feeling that doesn't come often, only on special occasions, which no one could explain. What you need is a good bowl of chicken soup, or just morning binging. The emptiness is not just hunger, but you know there is something else, it's like a never ending well, without water, you know, you just know no matter what is consumed, it will never reach the end of the well.

Wakeup child. Cloudy skies awaits you.