Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Be Right Back, for the upteenth time.

I need my own space.

I've done enough on my part to share my life, we've spent enough time collaborating and colliding with each other's blog, shared our personal lives, shared the thoughts. opening up and pouring out. breathing and believing. all from behind the looking glass, in the safety of our comfort zones, we blog; emptying our hearts and our lives to a whole new universe of complete strangers. Because you know, I know, everyone knows that everything we've written are either copied somewhere or are inspired by someone. Yes even this very sentence is half copied and half written by myself. I'm better off to find my own space and do something about me, whether is it BOOMZ (so overused) or whatever, I will be back.

Fuck the money I'm earning from nuffnang, fuck high readership, I don't need 300000million readers, I just need ONE who reads everything and understands and will share his/her thoughts with me, and all is enough.

Thank you for you kind attention all these time and I shall rise.