Sunday, February 28, 2010


New room to get used to.

So much has happened in the past few days. Involves eating 3 Lindor at one go, and crying at night for self confidence issues. (everyone does think that I am THAT confident eh?)

But what do you know, I'm like a Mrs Field's cookie. THe chewy type. Looks all crunchy and delicious outside (Ok I know I am no where near attractive) but inside when you bite it it's soft! And once you're not careful, you left it in the bag and just trash it in your bag, it'll crumble. Handle with care you.

And then I finally registered my internet and I can use the land cable!! (!!!) So happy cause I can use DC<3

And then my admin account for my laptop cannot be registered, it said that the profile cannot be loaded and thanks to Jon who saved it for me. :) And I was freaking out cause what if everything is like, GONE.

I think living in the flats has gotten me more antisocial than my usual antisocial self. Because I live in a proper house away from the public (halls, where everyone lived there) and like I only socialise with my housemates (family loveeee).

So... unpacking was a bitch i tell you. I need to set one day to wash like a lotof my clothes so it'll smell good! :D

Sunset view is laffffffff :) Today's sunset was amazing even though it was like 16 degrees, nothing stopped the sun rays shining down through the clouds.

My first night there was MISERABLE. I borrowed flat sheet from Leon and that is all!! OH I slept on a burger wtf named Ramly -_- Long story, one day I should like make a special post!! SO yeah, no blanket/duvet or pillows. It was MAD cold, and my room's heater is spoil only cold air comes out. =(( I wake up at every 2 hour interval, and freeze to death, I survived the night wearing pantyhose over silk shorts wtf, and I was mad happy when I found a pashmina in my luggage. But it only covered up to my waist wtf damn chat cold T_T

Luckily I have Piggy <3

view I see everyday and said not-working heater. -.-


more unpacking and packing things I don't wear =p

a view of my wardrobe.:) I can walk into it! :D But mad small -_-

Will take more pictures of the completed unpacked wardrobe. I kinda like it. =D

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TenderBlush said...

i loveeee ur posts with pictures innit!hahahah

eh where u staying now babe? u still in monash berwick?