Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cross your heart

After standing in a ridiculous coral polo tee that is worn by god knows who also known as a "uniform" and burnt myself twice on the right hand and scooping numerous scoops of fried rice later, I think I'm hired? Or am I just getting exploited by some stupid chinaman? =/ Cause he asked me to go to work next week and his wife will discuss about they pay. What about my "try out"?? =/ HOW i'm confused.

Kinda fun working in a food court at the busiest hour!! :D You never know till you try, I think I'm like the lowest form in my family to do all this "jobs" but what do you know??? You will never understand the form of these kinda jobs till you have "hands on" experience.

Please pray for me again that I am not getting exploited, I need money.

And I wanna get a tattoo.

Something meaningful and small. I have always wanted to get a star on my ankle then now I changed my mind, I want it to be on my feet. I'll get a phrase at the side and a heart on somewhere near my ankle at the side front nevermind if you do not get it as long as I know where I want it then it is all good. :)

And this is one very cute tattoo, I want too. :)

I was thinking getting on my pinky, with a bow I draw it myself, it makes more meaning, cause, I love bows, and it has a special status in my heart, I wanna make it like a ring, wrapped around my finger, just that it'll not be wrapped in grosgrain or satin ribbons, but wrapped with ink, forever. :) Screw the fact that it'll be all ugly when I age but live the moment I say. :)

Ahh, I dunno whenever I experience pain, I want to do something that makes the pain feel less painful, I will do something that will ease the pain, and the only way to do it, is to experience something more painful then I'll grow stronger. :) I think the last time I did this was when SPM results were out and I was kinda heartbroken what my mom told me so I went to get my helix pierced. Not as painful as I thought and I didn't go blind but it felt better. It was short, fast, slightly painful. I have a sick mind you see. :P Maybe this time something greater perhaps?

Xyzal and caffeine makes you go mad I tell you, worse than sibutramine. lol.

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L said...

i want to get my helix pierced too, but i heard you might go blind because of a nerve or something? anyway did it hurt? im quite curious!