Sunday, April 18, 2010


Sorry I know I'm like spending future money now but I cannot care less:


Despite the fact that I am like broke with an unconfirmed job, I love love love love these. If you know where you've seen it keep quiet cause they're NOT YOUR SIZE. :D

i love this top. I LOVE IT. The lace, the pussy bow cause I'm a wuss (haha inside joke only ppl in my fb will know why wtf) and OMG can you imagine getting lace tanlines just wearing this ahahahahahaah SO PRETTY!!! And the bra problem we'll solve that later. <3

PONY HAIR. PONY HAIR. Repeat with me PONY HAIR. PONY HAIR PONY HAIR ilabfjsbfjsbf D: D: D: I know this is a Rumi rip-off D&Gs, but it is gorgeous as hell, and it's PONY HAIR. PONY HAIR. *melt* How ar, I know I won't wear it often but I can just DISPLAY it on my shoe rack mad love. :D

They both come up to QUITE a big amount, more the shoes and the shipping, but OMG. It'll be SO WORTH IT cause it's (a) lace (b) pussy bow (c) PONY HAIR (d) PONY HAIR (e) repeat (c) and (d) sorry I am obsessed. I don't own a horse/pony so I wanna own the skin/hair I'm psychotic.

HOW????????????? YAY NAY???????????


Vic said...

like the lace top! sexy!

revel in me said...

The lace top is GORGEOUS!!

HOW MUCHHHHHH! Mai yat gin bei ngo pls. :P

Nazihah said...

Both of them are gorgey porgey!!! I died when i saw the shoes omg! Definitely YAYY!! Who cares about money! One of your sisters can give u some more later! Lol.

But go get them! :D