Thursday, May 27, 2010


If there is one thing I want to change, that would be nothing.

There is nothing that I regret doing, there is nothing I want to change. Even if I regret it now, hey, at least at that point of time you thought you did the right decision, so why regret?

And another thing? You can't change time, but time can change you, so just accept what you have, why live in regrets when you can think that you're actually doing the right thing? As for me, whenever I have a Dejavu, I'll assume that I did the right thing, and am on the right path. That's what they always say. :)

New shit. One thing I like about me now is that, I love things that are either 100% cotton, silk, viscose but not polyester. I am so sick of paying so much for a cute top and turn it over, 100% polyester. SUCKS NO????!!!

It's like buying a 300 bucks "cashmere" sweater and turn over, it's 100% Acrylic, and made in China. Seriously. They should make more things in their own countries instead, create more job opportunities and make us feel less rip-off. But then again I still like my cheap shit, but occasionally I want my good shit!

Forever New silk slouch top. So comfy!!! I've been looking up and down for one. Not quite the perfect one, but I like how it can be casual and formal (wore this to presentation!) and knowing this is worth every single penny for a 100% silk, win!! :D

Dotti stripe dress with grosgrain sash. 100% Viscose, made love. You know those cottony silk sensation?? I love wearing this dress, so soft and comfy!!! I go for comfort now you see :) And who can say no to grosgrain!!?? I **think** it is like, queen of all ribbons. :P

You know I hate it how I always buys things from KL and bring it over to Melbourne, then all the shops will start reproducing the same thing. COME ON!!! I don't wanna have the same shit as 2873y1873ty1784 other girls here can. -_- Like my pink cardi with gold beads, now everywhere is selling it!!!! >=(

I got pissed off and got a sweater. -_- Damn cheap lor, summore it's 100% cotton, super warm and snuggly. :D And its hand sewn beads but fml hand sewn but workmanship damn bad, I think 40% of the beads fell off -__-

paperbag shorts with grosgrain bow belt from Forever New. :) Love the cut, love the bow, love the pleats at the top, love the length. :) It's viscose, linen and cotton blend. lovelovelove. :)

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